Mbarara: Booma School Closed Over Strike

33 year old Hassan Haruna Luyima broke down in court on Tuesday morning as he narrated how he was forced to eat pork by the Joint Anti – Terrorism Task Force [JATT] operatives, for sale against the doctrine of his Islamic religion.

This was during a trial within a trial, more about after the defense lawyers rejected an extra judicial statement recorded by the then Nakawa Grade one Magistrate Agnes Nambafu, healing in which Luyima admitted having been directly involved in the July 11, 2010 bombs at Lugogo.

In their submission, the defense lawyers led by Caleb Alaka argued that Luyima had been tortured before being forced to admit masterminding the attack.

In his narration to court presided over by Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo, Luyima said he was arrested on August 2, 2010 from his shop at Pioneer Mall by JATT operatives.

“At around 2pm while seated at the shop with my brother Muzafaru and other 3 people, the operatives in plain clothes approached us, chambered their pistols and ordered everyone to surrender their identification documents and phones,” Luyima told court.

“They never allowed us to ask them any questions. They bundled us into a waiting van and handcuffed us as they ordered us to put our heads down .They warned us against lifting the heads up as they drove off to an unknown destination which I later came to know as Lubaga road after noticing it was the workplace of one of my brothers who was also arrested.”

The 33 year old businessman who dealt in clothes   prior to the arrest told court that the suspects were later driven to Idris Nsubuga’s house in Namasuba before he was too arrested.

Forced to Eat Pork


The operatives according to the suspect later took them to a residential house which they later came to know as being the JAAT headquarters in Kololo.

“I was thrown into one of the empty rooms but later was taken away to another house where I would always be beaten and other forms of torture,” Luyima told court.

“I heard them order for their favorite chips and pork and one day they ordered me to also feed on it when I begged them for food. I first refused but they became agitated and asked me not to play around with them. They forced me to eat it as well as putting my head in the plate,” Luyima narrated as he broke into tears.

He says he ate the remaining pork and chips before he was forced to implicate his brother Issa Luyima and Idris Nsubuga in being part of the mission to detonate bombs at Lugogo.

The suspect told court that the flogging continued not until he accepted to confess before journalists that he was involved.

On the extra judicial statement that he recorded at Nakawa Magistrate Court, Luyima told court that he never understood what was in the statement he had recorded because he did not understand English.

The suspect accused the Grade One Magistrate Agnes Nambayo together with JATT operatives who were present while making his statement, of forcing him to accept to admit his involvement in the bomb attack.

Meanwhile, court has dismissed the evidence by Luyima as being untruthful and inconsistent.

In his ruling, the trial judge Justice Alphonse Owinyi-Dolo said that though certain aspects were not followed while recording the statement, it still stands and will be used as evidence against the accused.

“According to evidence before me, he (Luyima) gave the statement voluntarily and is admissible,” the trial judge said.

The case was adjourned to Tuesday July 14 2015.
Students of Booma International School have been suspended and the school closed following a strike that was staged yesterday night.

The teachers together with the headmistress refused to speak to journalists about the cause of the strike.

However, dosage students that spoke to ChimpReports informed that among the reasons was the imposition of a head prefect by the administration without consulting students.

DPC Magezi addresses the students
DPC Magezi addresses the students

The students were also upset by the condition of school canteen and a recent directive that barred girls from studying with boys [Night and morning Preps].

The students destroyed all the dormitory glasses and plundered the canteen. Candidate classes also complained of failure to go for a geography tour that was scheduled for June 26 in Kasese yet every candidate paid 70, website like this 000shs that was not refunded.

Girls staring at the broken windows of their dormitories
Girls staring at the broken windows of their dormitories

Headmistress Jacqueline Kusiima denied facing reporters, insistent that she had no comment about what happened.

Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magezi told journalists that the students’ issues were minor and could have been resolved by the administration in time.

He also blamed parents for the poor upbringing of some of the problem students.

Officers escotting some of the students to police
Police escorts some of the students out of the school premises

Magezi confirmed that 9 students believed to be the ring leaders had been arrested and detained at Mbarara Central Police Station.

Just hours before on Monday afternoon another Cleverland School was closed following a student’s strike over expulsion of their colleagues.

Students await communication from administration before they were asked to vacate the school
Students await communication from administration before they were asked to vacate the school

In the recent past Over 20 schools have been involved in strikes in western region. They include among others: Cleverland H/S, Boma international School in Mbarara, Muntuyera H/S Kitunga, Five Star high school Ntungamo district, St Paul’s SS Rushoka, Kibingo Girls SS, Kitagata SS, Plus Two H/S in Bushenyi, Makobore H/S, Kinyasano girls H/S, Kyamakanda technical institute and Kebisoni SS in Rukungiri.


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