Mbarara: Bodaboda Cyclists Strike Over Delayed Elections

Traffic has come to a stand till in Mbarara municipality central business centre after bodaboda riders staged a protest against the delay in the election of the municipality bodaboda leadership.

The angry operators stormed the Mbarara Municipal Council offices on Friday morning, cheap with placards, hooting loudly and chanting slogans as they denounced the municipality town clerk, Munono Barintuma.

Mr. Barintuma is being accused of stopping bodaboda leadership elections from from being held on Friday September 30th, as was suggested by the DPC Jaffar Magyezi.

The riders demanding for change, said they are tired of ‘bad leadership’ from their former chairperson Shwento Arinaittwe claiming he has over stayed in power and is no longer serving their demands but being compromised by district leaders.

The riders say he has sidelined his mandated activities adding that he now supports police and is spying on their colleagues.
The riders say he has sidelined his mandated activities adding that he now supports police and is spying on their colleagues.

Mbarara DPC, Jaffar Magyezi, while attempting to silence the crowd, said it was wrong for them (riders) to conduct elections without any constitution governing them.

“Seeking advice from my fellow security officers I found it wrong and I admit that it was illegal to allow the elections today 30th without following your constitution,” he said

However, some of the bodaboda riders blamed the delay on security officers including the DISO, RDC and DPC saying they are support the incumbent chairman who is also an NRM cadre to continue with the leadership since he has been good to them.

DPC Magyezi addressing the rowdy crowd
DPC Magyezi addressing the rowdy crowd

They also blamed the DPC who they said intentionally stopped the FDC candidate, James Arinaitwe from conducting any rally around town.


“Actually it was unlawful to find that the NRM candidate was allowed to carry out a rally but when it came to FDC it was denied” Owokunda Sadius Salongo chairman MADIFA stage charged

“I hear them saying for one to stand must be having S.4 qualifications; if some of the newly elected councilors included P.3 leavers who failed to swear into power, now how do you expect a bodaboda rider to be a S.4 leaver,” he wondered.

The bodaboda operators vowed to conduct elections forcefully if the municipality leaders deny them a chance to.

When contacted, the town clerk, Munono Barintuma said the cause of the delayed elections was because they never had a constitution governing them.

He asked them to look for an interim committee to formulate a constitution allowing them to carry out elections.

Munono further asked the stage chairpersons on the division level to register all the voters to cause free and fair elections without irregulaties.

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