Mbarara Accountant Survives Machete Wielding Robbers

Police in Mbarara are holding 3 men suspected to have attacked a local business and stolen Shs. 20Million on Saturday morning.

The arrested are Ivan Mikwe, 23, a resident of Kamwezi, Kabale; Richard Nuwandinda, 20, and James Twinomuhimbo, both from Mbarara town.

Ester Natuha, an accountant at Serum International Distributers — dealers in detergents, diapers and pads along Bananuka Drive Street — says she survived being killed by the trio when they attacked the company with machetes hidden in a sack.

The three suspects in police custody
The three suspects in police custody

Natuha told Mbarara police that the assailants found her with her manager counting money, in the morning at 9; 00am.

 “One man came in and was followed by two others; they had masks on and the removed their machetes and tied us together,” she said. “They took all the money; about Shs. 20million.”

Natuha says the suspects were luckily apprehended by neighbors and some of their customers before they could escape.

One customer was seriously injured by the assailants during the scuffle and she is admitted at Mbarara regional referral hospital.

Police spokesperson Samson Kasumba showing the weapons carried by the robbers
Police spokesperson Samson Kasumba showing the weapons carried by the robbers

The area police spokesperson Samson Kasasira told reporters that the robbers were four and that one, Hilary Bolli, a Bodaboda escaped with the loot and is still at large. Bolli used to work at the company in loading and offloading of merchandise.

Kasasira says the police arrived in time to rescue the suspects who were about to be lynched by the mob.

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