Mbale NRM Primaries: Galiwango Asks NRM EC Boss to Cancel Today’s Polls

The Incumbent Woman Member of Parliament for Mbale District Hon Connie Galiwango has written a letter to the Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi, protesting the re-run of polls in the 58 cells, whose Declaration Forms went missing.

Galiwango who is in the race for the NRM flag with three contenders; Lydia Wanyoto, Namasaba Jalia and Shadia Luwungule said that out of the 389 Cells in Mbale City, the NRM EC tallied only 260 Cells covering 66.6% of the tally results.

In the October 8, 2020 letter which was obtained by the ChimpReports, Galiwango asked Dr. Odoi to organize an elections re-run in the entire Mbale City not just the 58 Cells. She noted that that a total of 129 Cells (33.2%)’s declaration Forms (DFs) were missing.

Galiwango has apready put out posters as an independent candidate in next year’s elections

She also questioned the criteria that was used to determine the 58 Cells instead of 129, yet she is not even allowed to see the tallied Cells.

“Apparently, the results that were provisionally declared do not tally with what the candidates have on their declaration forms, instead some of the Cells that have been selected for a residual election already voted and their DFs are available,” reads the letter.

Last week, John Arimpa the NRM EC Deputy Chairperson declared provisional results from 331 cells out of 389, and announced that a Re-run in the 58 Cells will be conducted today.

According to the results, Wanyoto was leading with 28,061 votes, followed by Galiwango with in the second position with 18,872 votes, Namasaba third with 2,824 votes and Luwungule trailed with 1,462 Votes.

Galiwango in the letter said that the provisional results were already biased since they indicated that voting will be done in only 58 Cells not 129 as she knows.


“You will recall that I wrote a letter dated September 6, providing evidence of forgery of some of the results on the declaration forms but up to now I have not received any written response from you to this effect,” the letter adds

“In this regard, I am afraid to express to you my reservations on the proposed residual elections. However, if I were to comply with the proposed elections, I would rather that you prepare a complete re-run involving the entire Mbale City to permanently fix the injustices and unfairness to me instead of preparing elections in only 58 Cells,”

Galiwango concluded that should her letter meet a dead end, she will have no other option but to stand as an independent in the general elections.

However, while addressing journalists at the party headquarters on Tuesday this week, Arimpa noted that all the four contestants for the seat were called to the commission on 24th September and briefed on the missing DR forms in the 58 villages representing 14.9% and they all agreed with the decision to organize elections again in those villages.

The polls were marred with violence on September 4, with claims of voter bribery, and results alteration, which compelled the party leadership top forward the declaration of the winner to the party top EC in Kampala.

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