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Mbabazi Drags Kiggundu to Court Over Electoral Guidelines

Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI), viagra approved stomach http://ccalliance.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/verification-tools.php the Government’s lead agency for industrialization and technological innovation has been nominated for the innovation award in the 2015 African business awards.

The African Business Awards, view launched in 2008 recognize individuals and companies that are driving Africa’s rapidly transforming economy and creating new economic opportunities for citizens and communities all over the continent.

Other nominees for the innovation award that were announced by African Business Magazine include Abellon Clean Energy, Ghana, International Human Resources Development Corp (IHRDC), Invest in Africa and XYPNET, Zambia.

According to the event organizers, the winners will be presented at an Awards ceremony which will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York on September 23, 2015.

Now in their 7th year, the Africa Business Awards will be held on the eve of the African Leadership Forum, a high level dialogue bringing together some of Africa’s leading political and business actors.

Entries are assessed by a judging panel of renowned individuals who are chosen for their expertise on the African Business Industry, with scores based on a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Among the judges will be Solomon Asamoah, Vice President: Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration at the African Development Bank and  Amadou Mahtar Ba, Chief Executive of the African Media Initiative (AMI) and co-founder and Chairman of AllAfrica Global Media

Commenting on the Awards, Omar Ben Yedder, Managing Director of IC Publications and Group Publisher of African Business magazine said, ‘It is encouraging to read the many achievements that are taking place all over the continent, despite the headwinds and difficult global environment.”


“The continent continues to be blessed with some remarkable individuals, who are driven and relentless in their ambitions to playing a transformative role. The caliber of entries is very high and continues to reflect and recognize Africa’s outstanding individuals and businesses,” he added.

President Hage Geingob of Namibia, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank, Hon. Cristina Duarte, Cape Verde’s Minister of Finance and Planning and Hon. Hannah Tetteh, Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs are expected to speak at this unique platform to discuss key issues geared at enabling sustainable transformative growth in Africa.
The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has described former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi as a “clever lawyer” using tricks to continue holding what he describes as “campaign rallies” disguised as consultation meetings.

Gen Kayihura said he received a letter from Mbabazi on Sunday notifying him of the presidential aspirant’s plans to hold consultations and public meetings in Arua, clinic http://contraboli.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php Lira and Gulu – all districts located in Northern Uganda.

In his letter, website Mbabazi described the meetings as the “second phase of consultations” in line with the Presidential Elections Act that allows an aspirant to conduct consultations before being nominated as a candidate.

Mbabazi further said his functions would take place in town halls and at public grounds including Pece Stadium in Gulu and Boma Grounds in Arua.

In response, shop Kayihura said a ‘public meeting’ as defined by law mean a gathering, procession, rally or assembly in a public space which in this context would mean that Mbabazi is campaigning.

The IGP said the planned rallies do not conform to the guidelines set by the Electoral Commission and Presidential Elections Act on conducting consultations.

“He is a clever lawyer trying to hold rallies. If I were not careful, I would have allowed him to carry out public rallies which are not authorized at this stage,” he added.

Kayihura was speaking at a meeting of presidential aspirants and the Electoral Commission at the electoral body’s offices in Kampala on Monday.

The function was addressed by EC boss Badru Kiggundu, Gen Kayihura and Attorney General, Freddie Ruhindi.


Earlier, Mbabazi lawyers said there was no law barring their client from holding rallies.

They said the law is silent on the number of people that can be consulted.

Led by Fred Muwema, the lawyers threatened legal action which Ruhindi humorously said is welcome to help interpret the meaning of the word ‘consultation’.

The lawyers implied that Mbabazi would proceed with his northern region consultations.

On his part, Kayihura said “leaders must be responsible and abide by the law. Don’t undermine police authority.”

He wondered how “an aspiring leader can hold a rally in the market. How?”

Mbabazi has since held rallies in Mbale, Soroti and Kapchorwa, pulling huge crowds.

The planned rally in Jinja was blocked by police. Kayihura said the traders never wanted the rally in their market compelling the law enforcement body to take pre-emptive action.

“Don’t create situations and blame us for the consequences. Why not blame the cause?” he said in reference to use of teargas in Jinja.

Kayihura said the law empowers police to “disperse unlawful assemblies”, adding the law enforcement body is “very lenient even in circumstances when provoked because in the West, once you attack a police officer they shoot you.”

Kayihura further cautioned aspirants on creating militia groups, saying they will not be tolerated.

Asked why he is yet to crack down on Maj Kakooza Mutale’s militia, Kayihura said action would soon be taken.

Kiggundu urged aspirants to respect the law in conducting consultations. Aspirants asked for more time to look for signatures ahead of nomination, an activity they said is tedious.

Ruhindi said consultations involve exchange of ideas but that holding rallies galvanising support for one’s cause tantamount to campaigns which is not allowed at this stage.
Independent Presidential aspirant Hon Amama Mbabazi’s legal team has announced plans to take legal action against the national Electoral Commission.

Mr Mbabazi’s lawyers of the Fred Muwema and Company Advocates informed the Commission this morning about their plan to drag them to court for illegally formulating electoral guidelines without constitutional authority.

The lawyers hold that the EC, mind like any other organ in the country is barred by the national constitution from formulating laws or guidelines, http://chirofitroseville.com/wp-includes/atomlib.php noting that this is a preserve of the parliament.

“We are putting you on notice that anytime this week, http://compraresenzaricettaonline.com/wp-includes/pomo/translations.php we are serving you with court papers so that that you Mr Chairman will personally understand what it means to misapply the law,” revealed Muwema’s colleague Severino Twinobusingye during a meeting between the EC officials and presidential aspirants in Kampala.

Muwema said the EC Chairman Eng Badru Kiggundu and some of his commissioners Jotham Taremwa, Paul Bukenya and Sam Rwakojo would be called to court to personally answer to their deeds.

Mbabazi’s lawyers insist that the EC is not allowed to draft guidelines for presidential consultations, which it recently issued out to all aspirants; except for campaign guidelines.

“Where the Commission is allowed to formulate guidelines, Sec 1 [i] of the Presidential Elections Act dictates that you are supposed to gazette them,” stated Counsel Muwema.

“Mr Chairman, the EC is usurping the powers of parliament by making guidelines which are purported to have the force law. Article 79 of the Constitution states that; ‘no one in Uganda has the authority to make any provision that has the force of the law, unless it is the Parliament,’” he added.

Muwema reminded the Commission that the Constitutional Court has on several occasions nullified guidelines made by authorities and bodies that don’t have powers under the law.

“These (electoral) guidelines are going to be quashed because we are going to challenge them,” he added.

The lawyers also challenge the EC’s insistence that presidential aspirants must restrict themselves to town hall meetings during their nationwide consultations.

Mr Muwema says this too is not provided for anywhere in the electoral laws, and that the Public Order Management Act, allows such consultations to be held in open places.

“If our candidate is going to consult one million people, which hall is he going to fit them in,” he probed.

The EC Chairman Eng Kiggundu in response said he and his team were ready to face the lawyers in court if they so wished.

Kiggundu noted that the EC’s duties including issuance of electoral guidelines are provided for under the constitution and that those that don’t wish to be guided by the law should go to another country.

“What you have to understand is that you are all equal aspirants, and there is no super aspirant. If you want us to take us to court you can take us to court. But there must be an institution enshrined in the law, to guide the process of elections in the country,” said Kiggundu.


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