Mbabazi to be Arrested Today, says Aide

Presidents Yoweri Museveni, medical more about http://curaacufeni.com/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-gd.php Paul Kagame, stomach Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta and a South Sudan representative on Thursday held what a diplomat described as a “successful” and “excellent Summit” in Nairobi that saw the four countries sign a landmark agreement creating one airspace in their countries.

Ugandan ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero who attended the 8th Northern Corridor Summit said the function concluded “with broad agreement on all issues.”

Kabonero revealed that President Kenyatta agreed to waive demurrage and customs charges on Ugandan goods stuck at the port of Mombasa.

The revenue authorities of Kenya and Rwanda have been in talks over Kenya Revenue Authority’s decision to tax all goods that dock at the port upfront, with Ugandan traders saying such moves were against the spirit of the East African Community.

Museveni also requested Kenya to allow competition on Entebbe-Nairobi route currently monopolized by KQ to reduce airfare costs to Ugandans.

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority in June suspended Air Uganda’s licence over its failure to comply with required safety standards therefore putting passengers lives at risk.

This led to a monopoly on the Nairobi route thus higher air travel costs. An air ticket from Entebbe – Nairobi had risen from US$380 to US$560 since the closure of Air Uganda, enraging travelers.

Kabonero further said the construction costs for the Mombasa-Kigali Standard Gauge Railway are higher than similar projects in Africa because of the high design standard envisaged.


The railway line is expected to cost over $8bn, a figure lawmakers say is unaffordable and hugely exaggerated. Government maintains the railway is necessary to ease movement of goods in the region and cost of doing business thus attracting investors.

The 1890 km Mombasa – Kigali standard gauge railway line is expected to transform transportation in the region.

Preliminary figures indicate costs of $7.57m per km for Malaba-Kampala railway line of 273kms and Bihanga-Kasese, $6m per km for 311kms.

Kabonero further said Uganda will expedite inclusion in the one area network by end of next month, making calls in the 3 countries cheaper.

Officials say the developments signify the determination and willingness of East African leaders to carry out the projects that will impact the growth of their economies and contribute to improved welfare of the people.

Uganda State Minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem recently said the meetings come at a time when the people of Northern Corridor Group of countries have tested significant achievements in a number of sectors being fast-tracked since June 2013 such as free movement of people using national identity cards as travel documents; use of electronic cargo tracking that has ensured safety of cargo in transit and reduction of Non Tariff Barriers that have facilitated ease of movement of cargo.
Gulu District Chairman, buy more about http://clubcycloautun.fr/wp-includes/class-wp-embed.php Martin Ojara Mapenduzi has given Government a 2 weeks’ ultimatum to sort Acholi war debt claimants or else he leads them to Statehouse to demand what is due to them.

Addressing the press at Northern Uganda Media Club, visit this http://coloradofinearts.org/wp-includes/author-template.php Mapenduzi expressed concern over the manner in which rightful claimants have been tossed by ‘big wigs’ in government as they claim compensation over the 20 year LRA insurgency.

According to Mapenduzi, http://cultnews.com/wp-admin/includes/edit-tag-messages.php Acholi War Debt Claimant’s Association took government to court in 2006 seeking compensation for their property and livestock destroyed by the war in northern Uganda.

Subsequently, government in 2009 released shs 5 billion shillings for the war claimants but the money was allegedly grossly mismanaged.

“Kampala Associates Advocates alone bagged shs 500 million as legal fees, shs 900 million remains unaccounted for according to an internal document from Acholi War Debt Claimants Association,” Mapenduzi said.

Mapenduzi says that he had proposed a better option of having beneficiaries benefit from the fund directly by money being wired to their accounts but this had been rejected.

It is on this ground that the chairman threatened a two weeks ultimatum for the government to have the issues addressed or else he personally mobilizes the elders from Gulu to walk to meet the President in Kampala.”

He stressed that the official leaders of the association have become untouchable and non-compliant to the call of district officials to account for the previous disbursement.

“Every time we question the leadership of Acholi War Debt Claimant’s Association over accountability, we get threatening letters from Kampala Associates Advocate, a law firm representing the debt claimants’ association. This is worrying as the real claimants who have been waiting for years have been left out and traded with political interest,” Mapenduzi said.


Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi continues to live under fear of arrest and these suspicions grew stronger this week as the ruling party prepares for the national delegates’ conference which his supporters are planning to disrupt.

On Friday morning, information pills http://darkfey-temple.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-pure.php the spokesperson of an NRM wing that supports Mbabazi for president, http://chasingjamesbeard.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/comments/admin.php issued a brief statement, saying security intend to arrest the party’s embattled Secretary General.

“It’s getting known that there are plans to have Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi arrested today (Friday) ,” said Thomas Kategere, who has in recent months been mobilising support for the former premier in the Eastern region.

“I hope it’s not true. I don’t know what motivates some of these fellows who hold such ideas and thoughts of having divergent views muted like this .It’s a pity,” he added.

Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye could not confirm or deny plans to arrest Mbabazi.

“The IGP will address a press conference today. It would be an opportunity to ask him that question,” said Namaye on Friday morning.

However, Police spokesman Fred Enanga said Mbabazi’s group only wants to score political points and that there is no plan at the moment to arrest the former premier.

“Those are just political games. There are no plans of arresting Hon. Mbabazi,” Enanga said on phone.

He quickly added that should police discover that Mbabazi is involved in acts that break the law, they would not hesitate to apprehend him.

“We can only act when someone including Hon. Mbabazi commits a crime,” he warned.

There has been talk in corridors of power that Mbabazi, who was sent on forced leave by his party on charges of intrigue, forming cliques and undermining the NRM chairman, would soon be arrested and charged in courts of law for money laundering and attempting to overthrow the government.

Mbabazi in November directed lawyers A & P Akampurira to ask the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura and Director of Public Prosecution Mike Chibita to grant him particulars of the alleged offences, which he described as “politically motivated” and “trumped up” to curtail his “fundamental freedoms.”

Mbabazi’s lawyers wrote on November 5: “We jointly act for and on behalf of our above named client. Our client’s attention has been drawn to various print and electronic media reports indicating that your respective offices are conducting criminal investigations against him in connection with some Arab investors associated with National Bank of Commerce with intent to charge him with trumped up serious criminal charges of fraud and money laundering which are politically motivated.”

They added: “If the above is true, our client takes a very serious view of the matter. It is our considered opinion that this is a gross violation of the criminal principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and criminal law.”

Mbabazi is thought to have persuaded wealthy oil barons in Dubai to invest $20m in NBC which was later closed by the Central Bank in 2012 and handed over to Crane Bank at the cost of $1.

“Bank of Uganda has revoked the license of the National Bank of Commerce (U) Limited and ordered the winding up of its affairs under Sections 17(f), 89(2)(f) & (7)(c) and 99(1) of the Financial Institutions Act 2004,” said BoU deputy governor, Louis Kasekende in September 2012.

“This action has been taken because bank of Uganda has determined that the continuation of NBC’s activities is detrimental to the interests of its depositors,” said Kasekende.

It is thought the investor in NBC had refused to cooperate with police in the investigations, fearing that Mbabazi would not be apprehended given his status in the ruling government.

It remains unclear if Museveni met the defrauded Arab investor during the president’s recent trip to United Arab Emirates.


Chimpreports this week reported that Mbabazi’s supporters resolved to storm Mandela National Stadium to protest against the party’s decision to front Museveni as its sole candidate in the 2016 elections.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Monday morning, Mbabazi supporters explained that Museveni violated the party constitution when he allowed for the passing of the sole candidature resolution which they say was wrong.

“The president has abused his office and violated the NRM constitution by allowing formation of cliques exhibited in the popularizing of the Kyankwanzi resolution,” said Ian Gumisiriza, who described himself as the NRM Poor Youth National coordinator.

“We hear there is going to be an amendment of the party constitution during the Delegates Conference so as to have a Secretary General appointed by the party chairman. The President should respect principles of justice and leave office before the conference.”

According to Gumisiriza, there will be a conflict of interest by the party chairman during the amendment of the constitution if the President doesn’t step aside which according to the group will be a violation of the party constitution.

“It will make the party languish in political oblivion that will lead the NRM to the infamous road of disintegration. The party must outlive personalities and continue with its fundamental programs,” Gumisiriza added.

President Museveni recently stressed that the December 15 NRM Delegates’ conference will not be used as a platform to discuss matters concerning the party Secretary General but to evaluate their performance in line with their goals.

“We shall use it to see how far we have gone. We shall not be discussing the Secretary General because those are small issues. We never believe in sectarianism and we strongly oppose it,” Museveni said while appearing on a local radio talk show on Saturday morning.

On whether he will have the final decision during the conference, Museveni said, “NRM is not an empire so there is no emperor. What will come from the NEC and CEC is what will be debated. In fact it will be discussions where I will participate and agree to some issues.”

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