Mbabazi Strikes Again

Former Prime Minister and presidential hopeful, viagra buy cialis 40mg http://cellulitzwalczyc.xyz/wp-content/plugins/wp-author-date-and-meta-remover/wp-author-date-and-meta-remover.php Amama Mbabazi, erectile http://corcoranproductions.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/states/au.php has spoken out on leadership, saying one does not fear to “stand alone.”

Mbabazi is selective with his choice of words, at times hitting at his opponents using metaphors.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, Mbabazi posted on his Facebook wall, which he uses to communicate with his supporters: “Unless you are willing to continuously stand alone, you do not deserve to be called a leader.”

The context of Mbabazi’s statement remains a puzzle for political observers.

But it is thought Mbabazi’s social media posts are intended to maintain and consolidate a close relationship with his supporters and at the same time assuring them he will not allow his political career to crumble without putting up a fight.

He added: “I am not as bothered as some of you might think.”

He could have possibly been referring to his sacking as Prime Minister by president Museveni and removal from the powerful position of the ruling party’s Secretary General.

It is understood that Mbabazi wants to stand against Museveni in 2016, a claim he has vehemently denies.


Mbabazi, a once strong ally and confidant of President Museveni, has been spending time with his grandchildren and reading law and political books at his residence in Kololo.

Last week, NRM NEC voted Mbabazi out of the Central Executive Committee on grounds that he was a divisive figure.

He fired back: “I have not been an NRM Member due to the posts available, but rather my capacity to serve people in whatever position, at anytime.”

Mbabazi concluded: “Will always respect people’s collective choice, a wise decision given our country’s political nature-democracy.”

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