Mbabazi Set to Launch Full Manifesto

Ever since he made known his intentions to become Uganda’s next president last week, Hon Amama Mbabazi is steadily proving himself a juggernaut, as his faultfinders – majorly supporters of the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni – strain to catch up with his laid out strategies toward next year’s elections.

Mbabazi is now set to lay out “in the coming days,  ” the entirety of his detailed policies and implementation strategies that he hopes will transform Uganda at a much faster pace, once he is elected president.

In his last week’s presidential contest declaration, Mbabazi – who now calls himself the desired leader of the current generation – laid out the summary of his 8 – point program for the country.

President Yoweri Museveni in response however, said the policies were more or less a replica of what the NRM has been embarked on over the past years.

Some of Mbabazi’s critics also referred to his program as a slightly deflated version of the NRM 10 – point program.

They went on to remind him that he was not God-sent since he has served in the same ‘ineffective’ government holding a number of key positions that he could have used to create the change he now talks about.

“…because if there is anybody who could be questioned about this government’s weaknesses, Hon Amama Mbabazi is one of them,” retorted President Yoweri Museveni last week.

The ghost of corruption and government resource misappropriation cases in which he was severally mentioned years back, has also resurfaced to haunt his alternative policies.


But Mbabazi says, he will be countering all these assertions when he unveils his full program in the coming days.

Mbabazi while appearing on the Straight Talk Africa program on the VOA in US last evening, said he would be explaining in detail, how he intends to bring about better governance, transform the economy and generally enhance Ugandan’s quality of life.

“I will be specific in each one of them, about where we are, where we have bottlenecks, and what we need to do to overcome them,” he said.

Referencing the proverbial old broom, Mbabazi said that having been in government for a long time, he understood particulars what need to be reformed.

“I have been in it, I know where the problems are, I know where the weaknesses are, i know why I was not able to do certain things, and i will talk about all them.”

He added, “It is time for change. And I am offering myself to lead that change from the old generation to the new. And I don’t think there’s anyone better suited to do that than I am.”

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