Mbabazi Seeks Talks with EC Over Electoral Roadmap

President Museveni has reiterated NRM government’s commitment to skill Ugandans particularly the youth by establishing a technical school in every constituency in Uganda.

“We have a plan to build a technical school in all constituencies. The effort is to make our children to get skills. If you acquire skills, pharm there is no way you can fail to get a job. Skills can give you wealth, for sale ” he said.

The President was Wednesday afternoon presiding over the graduation ceremony of over 300 youth who have completed courses in various fields at Lutunku Community Polytechnic in Lugusuulu sub-county, Mawogola North Constituency in Ssembabule district.

Lutunku Polytechnic, a brain child of President Museveni offers long and short time courses in formal and informal dairy keeping, carpentry and joinery, brick laying and concrete practice motor-vehicle mechanics, tailoring, catering-food preparing and processing, electrical installation and hair dressing among others

President Museveni who recommended the inclusion of the ceramic course in the schools syllabus informed the gathering about the genesis of the school saying he bought land from one Mr. Ntambala who had already built a senior secondary school. He then decided to make that secondary school a polytechnic to provide people in the area and beyond to acquire skills.

The President however noted that providing skills alone was not enough hence the need to support graduates with tools and startup capital.

He therefore called on the Ministry of Education, Technology, Science and Sports to create a fund to enable graduates from polytechnic institutions to get loans for purchasing equipment and kick start capital.

Responding to some of the concerns raised by the LC 1 chairman of the area Mr. Seguya, President Museveni said the Ministry of Works will construct a bridge on river Kyojja to enable the youth from across to access training at Lutunku Polytechnic.


He further promised to solve the water problem affecting the area.

The President also pledged to build a church that was demolished during the on-going construction of the Sembabule to Gomba road.

President Museveni on arrival at Lutunku toured the exhibition of the products by the students of the school and also commissioned a workshop at the polytechnic. He handed over tools and equipment to the instructors for the students which he offered to them as a grant as well as kick-start funds.

The Head Instructor Lutunku Community Polytechnic Mrs. Zalwango Lubwama Evelyne commended President Museveni for supporting the Institute.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Education, Technology, Science and Sports Hon. Jessica Alupo, the Minister

of State for Housing and Urban Planning Rose Mary Najjemba as well as political and local leaders from Sembabule and Goma districts.
Presidential Aspirant Hon John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has asked to hold talks with the Electoral Commission over the latter’s continuous revision of the 2016 electoral roadmap without clear justification.

Mbabazi, diagnosis an independent candidate wants to meet with the EC officials before Tuesday October 14, treatment or he would consider legal redress.

The former Prime Minister is anxious that the EC is using its constitutional powers to make extensions in the 2016 elections program, find which he says is vividly to meant help the ruling NRM party.

The Commission in the last six months has revised the electoral roadmap and extended time for electoral activities on five different occasions.

In the latest announcement at the start of October, the EC justified extension of the dates for nomination of candidates by one month on grounds that it needed to cope with new amendments introduced in the electoral law by parliament.

Though his lawyers of Muwema and Company Advocates, Mbabazi wrote to the EC explaining that none of the four new amendments required postponement of electoral events.

The lawyers noted in respect to the increment of the presidential nomination fees; “The aspirant had already paid the nomination fees of Shs 8million which was accepted by the Commission. Rather than arbitrarily change the nomination date, the Commission ought to have asked the aspirant to top up the fees to Shs 20million, but keep the nomination dates intact.”

As has been alleged by various other critics, Mbabazi believes the latest extension was not a matter of emergency, but a move by the EC to grant the ruling party time to catch up with the roadmap.

“This has been prompted by the need to illegally afford the NRM time to belatedly elect its flag bearer for President so that they can resubmit nomination papers and get their candidate nominated on the new dates in November,” they wrote.

Sticking to the earlier nomination dates Mbabazi says, would have led to an automatic disqualification of the NRM aspirant for lack of compliance with the law.

“It is the Commission’s failure to act independently, respect and comply with the law that remains an unwelcome fixture in the current electoral process.”

Confronted with the concerns however, The Electoral Commission said they were dismayed that Mbabazi and his team were wasting their time for no reason.

“It’s now more like they have nothing to do except right letters to us,” said the EC spokesperson Jotham Taremwa, who insists that all the commission’s decisions are not in contravention with the laws.

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