MBABAZI SAGA: Rukungiri RDC Attacks Fr Batanyenda

The 2014 PAU Pool League Season came to an end Sunday with Skin Samona winning 2014 PAU Senior League and their fifth top flight league title and earning themselves a double after winning the 2014 PAU Clubs Knockout Championship.

Gals Pool Club claimed the 2014 PAU Ladies League. Skin Samona edged 15 other clubs in the Senior League while Gals beat 19 other clubs in the Ladies League. The two clubs were crowned Sunday at Pacify Hotel Wakaliga.

Skin Samona enjoyed a 15 games unbeaten run in the first round with 14 wins and 1 draw. However, nurse http://chicagohouse.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/cj-linkedin-banner-300×102.php at the start of second round, http://daiviet.us/wp-admin/includes/plugin-install.php Skin Samona surprisingly lost to Ntinda’s stubborn Spice Pool Club 11-09 at Spice’s home ground at Ntinda.

The 11-09 win against Transformer last Saturday 13th December secured their claim for the title. Skin Samona also won their final match 11-09 against Rock Catalina yesterday.

The winning team’s Chairman, Salongo Mukasa Kasawuli attributed this year’s win to the strong squad he has maintained at his club over the years.

“The fact that we have secured the best squad including Uganda’s best pool players means we only need to manage them properly and give them the necessary requirements to secure us wins. We have faith that our players will help us to win more titles next year and beyond,” said Kasawuli.

Capital Night, Transformer, Global.com and Volts were relegated to the lower division (League One). They will be replaced by Ntinda Pool Club which who won the 2014 PAU League One, Indigo who were second, Red Shooters Masindi third and Icon Nansana forth in the 2014 PAU League One.

Four Clubs are relegated from Division 1 (Senior League) and 4 clubs are promoted from Division 2 (League One) at the end of each season.


The Gals Pool Club Chairman Mr. Emmy Makuma was upbeat about the performance of his team and pledged to inject more cash in the teams operations to raise player motivation and secure new talent. “We shall focus more on scouting for better talent and constantly facilitating our players to perform better,” said Makuma.

On her part, Kezia Wavamuno, the Gals’ Captain attributed their title win to a lot of teamwork. “Our cohesion as a unit and the team spirit exhibited by each individual on our team was a key asset in every match we won. I look forward to more team work from my colleagues next season,” said a smiling Kezia.

On the part of the organisers, the PAU Chairman Mr. Farouk Wamala Kisuze thanked all clubs that participated in all divisions for successfully ending the season.

“The league is our biggest event and your assistance through footing the bills of your teams is testimony for your love for the sport of pool. I congratulate this season’s league winners and I call upon all players to up their discipline, skills and professionalism,” said Kisuze.

He also invited the corporate community to take on sponsorship for the different pool league divisions. “Our sound administration has grown the PAU brand into a sports organisation that is not only trusted to deliver on its commitments but also one that offers a win-win relationship to its sponsors and partners,” said Kisuze.

“We always have the business aspirations of our sponsors at the back of our minds while planning and executing our events, an important aspect that has earned us some of the country’s biggest corporate sponsors. We call upon the corporate community to sponsor the Pool League which is our biggest sports product.”
Denis Nzeirwe, this web http://craigpatchett.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/markdown.php the Rukungiri Deputy Resident District Commissioner has blamed the outspoken Kitanga parish priest Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda for causing the confusion in the NRM party in the district.

“Now Fr. Batanyenda has abandoned preaching about God and Satan, sales http://concernedafricascholars.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php the job he was ordained to do, as he is now all the time talking about president Museveni whom he criticises each other day that passes,” said Nzeirwe.

Nzeirwe who was the former Kamuganguzi sub-county LC3 chairperson in Kabale made the remarks while speaking to Chimpreports in Kabale town on Monday.

“The other day, Batanyenda was fighting Hope Mwesigye, who is Amama Mbabazi’s in-law. Now that the Mbabazi family don’t want Museveni, he is on their side,” said Nzeirwe.

“Batanyenda used to criticise Mbabazi over the Temangalo scandal but he no longer does that. He is a man without vision,” said the RDC.

This is the latest attack against Batanyenda who in recent years stepped up harsh rhetoric against Museveni.

He was once faulted for having campaigned against then powerful Agriculture Minister Hope Mwesigye till she lost her MP seat in Kabale in 2011.

It is alleged Hope Mwesigye said Batanyenda, a priest, should get himself a wife to be occupied.

Nzeirwe yesterday said Fr. Batanyenda should stop being jealousy of other people as president Museveni appointed him to the Constituent Assembly.

“Fr. Batanyenda was in 1994 appointed by president Museveni to the powerful Constituent Assembly. Was he voted? Why doesn’t he want others to be appointed the way he was appointed? He has no moral authority to question NRM’s decision to allow the party chairman appoint the Secretary General and Treasurers,” said Nzeirwe.

The ruling party on Monday voted for the constitutional amendments allowing the party chairman to appoint and disappoint the Secretary General, marking the end of Mbabazi’s reign.

Contacted, Fr. Batanyenda said he felt sorry for Nzeirwe.

“He is protecting his job and working hard to be elevated to the post of full RDC.”

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