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Mbabazi: RDCs Who Harass My Supporters Will Regret

Police have blocked presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi from accessing Barlonyo Memorial site in Lira District on grounds that he did not secure permission, adiposity http://centerforblackbelt.org/wp-includes/meta.php Chimp Corps report.

The monument was put in place to immortalise the lives of more than 300 people of Barlonyo who were brutally murdered by the rebel LRA in less than three hours in 2004.

After appearing at the gate of the memorial site, this http://cusanus-studierende.de/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php Lira District police officials sealed off the area.

Efforts to convince the authorities to change their mind fell on deaf ears.

Addressing rallies in Lira, Mbabazi warned Resident District Officers (RDCs) against harassing his supporters, saying they will be dealt with firmly in future.

“Do you fear RDCs and DISOs?” Mbabazi asked the crowds.

“Make sure you fully identify them. Whoever abuses your rights will have to answer.”

On being elected, Mbabazi promised to ensure electricity is extended deep in the villages and high levels of unemployment addressed.


He condemned the poor healthcare system in the country which he said needed change after president Museveni’s 29 years in power.

Mbabazi also revealed that he rescued NRM Northern Region chairperson, Sam Engola from prison after NRA seized power in 1986.

Mbabazi, who was then External Security Organisation (ESO) boss, said Engola was held on grounds of being “an Obote man.”

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