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Mbabazi: NRM Needs Change Most

President Yoweri Museveni has interrupted his campaign trail for a short trip to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.

State House revealed Sunday afternoon that the president was invited to the oil-rich nation for a two-day state visit.

The President is expected among others to discuss with the leaders there, here http://clothesthatwork.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php about strengthening partnerships between the two countries.

The Uganda and Saudi Arabia governments recently entered into an agreement for the employment of 3, http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php 000 young Ugandans to work in various sectors of the Kingdom.

In July, Uganda through the ministry of gender signed a Bilateral Labour Agreement with the Minister of Labour in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia.

The signing of the Bilateral Labour Agreements (BLA) was aimed at solving the challenges which Ugandan migrant workers have been facing in search for employment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The agreements were aimed at strengthening cooperation to not only protect and promote the rights and welfare of migrant labor demand and supply but also manage irregular migration including trafficking in persons and human smuggling.

Independent presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi has said that all Ugandans regardless of their political affiliation today need to see change of political leadership.


Mbabazi stated yesterday that members of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] need this change more, order http://csnn.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php and that many of these are ready and determined to make it happen.

“We all want change and we must not a partisan angle to this. If you are a member of the NRM, case http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-gd.php you don’t need to quit your party to vote for change; I know for a fact that many staunch NRM members will vote for change, erectile ” he said.

The former prime minister made the remarks on Saturday morning while addressing a press conference at White Horse Inn in Kabale town where he said that he parted ways with President Yoweri Museveni after realizing that his leadership had skidded off the core values of the NRM revolution.

Mbabazi said that the NRM Go –Forward group is the one that represents the original values of the NRM.

Mbabazi, who early this year was locked out of the contest against incumbent President Yoweri Museveni for the NRM Presidential flag for next year’s general elections, maintains that he is still a member of the ruling party.

Asked why he did not return to the NRM Secretariat the party cards that were recently handed to him by purported defectors, the former NRM secretary general said the cards were safe with him because he is the one who issued them.

Meanwhile Mbabazi revealed at the press brief that the roads in his home district remaining in a sorry state though his tenure in government was not by accident.

He noted that he abandoned the roads because when he tried to touch them, the matter was turned political by his enemies.

Mbabazi promised to work on the roads when he takes up office after next year’s presidential elections.


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