Mbabazi: Kyankwanzi Resolution not Binding

A survey carried out by children rights body ANPPCAN has indicated that the number of street children has increased in the past 4 years.

Unveiling the report during the function to mark the world International day for street children late last week, thumb http://ciprs.cusat.ac.in/wp-includes/registration-functions.php acting ANPPCAN Executive Director Ruth Birungi expressed concern over the trend which he said needs to be checked.

“In Katwe alone, http://communityartsprogram.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/submit.php it was found that the number of street children had increased from 100 to 600 which represented a 71 percent increase in a period of 4 years which is a clear indication that the number is exponentially increasing,” Birungi noted.

This was the trend in other parts of the city including Kisenyi, along Ben Kiwanuka Street, Wandegeya, Jinja road, Bombo road and Namuwongo areas.

The acting ANPPCAN Executive Director however noted that the increasing trend and number of children on Kampala streets is a result of a combination of push and pull factors which she said if not curbed the trend will go high.

“A number of children interviewed said they came to the street due to poverty in their homes that forces them to try looking for something to earn a living whereas abuse at home, separation of parents also greatly contributed to the increasing number of children on Kampala streets,” he observed.

“Over 10 percent of the children revealed that they had been forced by peer pressure to take to the streets while many others said they had been brought to the street by some individuals with motives of earning from them,” she added.

According to the survey, the children live in poor conditions while on the streets which forces them to engage in acts of begging.


“We found out that 83 percent of them sleep in the open on the streets whereas 93 percent are engaged in casual work including lifting luggage, fetching water and collecting scrap and bottles in a bid to earn a living.”

Birungi said that while on the streets, the children experience a lot of challenges in form of abuses which she classified as being physical, sexual, and emotional and exploitation yet most of them go unreported to concerned authorities for address.

“Over 27 percent reported that they had been sexually abused through defilement whereas others had been harassed by KCCA enforcement officers while arresting them in a bid to remove them from the streets. Many more have died of diseases and accidents because no one is there to look after them which is disheartening that the country is losing the future leaders.”

The ANPPCAN Executive Director however urged government through the Gender, Labor and Social Development Ministry to come true on its promise and enact the national street children strategy which according to Birungi would harmonize interventions and coordination among the different state and non-state actors.

“Government should try to put in place rehabilitation centers in different parts of the country to impart the children with skills before family re-integration as well as enforcing laws that prevent children from the streets,” Birungi noted.

“KCCA should help implement the ban on giving handouts to street children as one of the measures to get them off the streets.”
Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has vowed to continue pursuing his political ambitions, information pills http://clbattery.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-users-list-table.php irrespective of the resolution taken by the NRM party leadership at Kyankwanzi unanimously endorsing President Museveni for re-election in 2016.

The Kinkiizi West MP who was toppled from the position of Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General due to his alleged presidential ambitions, search http://chopcult.com/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/js/include/images/secure.php on Monday reiterated that the Kyankwanzi resolution was “just an opinion.”

Addressing youth from the ‘Mbabazi Western Brigade Camp’ led by Ellad Muyambi at his residence in Kololo on Monday morning, abortion Mbabazi observed: “The NRM parliamentary caucus had mandate to make decisions for the party in Parliament but nowhere else.”

He emphasised: “The Kyankwanzi resolution was therefore just an opinion expressed by the caucus.”

Mbabazi, who is yet to rule out a presidential bid, had at first refused to sign the resolution. He later appended his signature to the contested document.

The former premier described the Kyankwanzi resolution as “not appropriate”, fuelling speculation that he could stand against Museveni in the race for party chairmanship in the upcoming NRM polls.

“What they said was nothing other than that (opinion) and it was not appropriate,” he noted.

According to the NRM Constitution amendment taken at the Delegates Conference at Mandela National Stadium last year, the party flag bearer in the presidential election will be determined by the National Executive Council (NEC).

Mbabazi and wife Jacqueline receiving gifts from their visitors today
Mbabazi and wife Jacqueline receiving gifts from their visitors today

The name is then forwarded to the Central Executive Committee for endorsement after which it’s submitted at the National Delegates’ Conference for approval.

It remains unclear if Mbabazi would manage to go through the three stages to emerge as the party’s presidential candidate.

Mbabazi explained today that he is still a “strong NRM member” and that no one can force him out of the party he fought for and has been part of since its early days.

“We fought for democracy and freedom. All people should have freedom to express their opinion and if you have a different opinion than the other it doesn’t mean you are dividing the party,” he spoke confidently as visitors listened attentively.

He added:” Democracy means people are free to express their views and if not, we should go for elections and people decide.”

On declaring his intention to stand for presidency, Mbabazi said,” I am happy our election roadmap is out and you will not wait for long to hear my decision and stop speculating. Whether I stand for presidency or which position, the decision will soon be announced.”

Political observers are anticipating a protracted political battle between Mbabazi and Museveni, formerly strong allies.

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