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President Museveni, viagra sale who is also the Chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), opened the second meeting of the second Conference of NRM at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole on Monday, with a call to members of the NRM structures in the districts to diligently monitor government’s programmes that are in most cases frustrated by public officials.

“All those members who are under NRM structures but are not under government structures must monitor government programmes in their areas. I have instructed the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Presidency to use the money earmarked for monitoring in departments to use that money for monitoring governments’ programmes,” he told the cheering NRM delegates.

The one day National NRM Conference has attracted over 10,000 delegates from all districts in the country. One minute silence was observed in remembrance of the late Eriya Kategaya and the husband of the Acting Secretary General Ms. Dorothy Hyuha.

The NRM National Chairman highlighted problems that are hindering government’s efforts to realize accelerated development in the country. He pointed out the frustration by government officials in implementing programmes like opening up of projects by investors and setting up of industries.

The President cited the Kalangala Palm Project that was delayed for 10 years because government officials denied the investors from Malaysia and Indonesia land for the project. Mr. Museveni warned that henceforth those frustrating development programmes will be answerable for their actions.

The NRM leader further singled out lack of implementing the 4-acre modern farming plan in rural areas, corruption which was fuelled by accounting officers, commercialization of politics, strengthening of the Party at the headquarters up to lower levels and providing the population with the necessary livelihood skills.

The National NRM Chairman told delegates that having diagnosed and identified the category on needs by wanainchi since 1960s, NRM zeroed in on prosperity and security. He noted for the first time in the history of Uganda there is now total peace in the whole country.

On the issue of household income, Mr. Museveni told delegates that a lot of funds were wasted on programmes that never had any impact on the ground. He added that all hopes were not lost because the involvement of the Army in the distribution of planting and breeding materials has turned round the otherwise hopeless situation.


Commenting on the infrastructure, especially roads, the President said a lot of money was injected into the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) for the maintenance of rural roads but the group claims that the funds are inadequate. The President said the only solution to that hindrance is to enhance the capacity of all districts by providing them with more road equipment to be bought from Japan. He added that big districts like Arua, Mubende, Wakiso and others, will get more that one unit of road equipment. He further disclosed that the 18 zones in the country will be provided with a caterpillar with its loader.

The President also pledged more enhanced remuneration for councilors and professors next financial year 2014/2015.  The NRM National Chairman also appealed to members who have not paid their contribution for the construction of the Movement House to do so.


One of the visiting guests at the function, the Secretary General of Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party of Tanzania,  Duggu Kinana, on behalf of their Party and the people of Tanzania, extended warm greetings and best wishes from his government to President Museveni, NRM Party and to the people of Uganda.

He lauded the cordial relationship existing between Tanzania and Uganda adding that it is deeply rooted in the struggle for freedom right from the time of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

He praised the NRM government under the leadership of President Museveni for making tremendous strides in the development of the country within a short time. He pointed out that under NRM, Uganda is peaceful stable and democratic. The CCM Secretary General reminded NRM delegates of the Kiswahili saying of ‘Umoja ni Nguvu’ literally meaning Unity is strength.

The former Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), Mr. Abdulrahman Kinana, was also glad to learn that the conference that he described as an historical event is to dedicate its deliberations on the cohesion in NRM and the development and prosperity of the country. He observed that nothing could be achieved without cohesion and discipline within the Party.

Mr. Kinana further praised President Museveni for his tremendous courage which is not only recognized in Uganda but also in the whole continent of Africa.

The NRM Chairman Mr. Museveni thanked Mr. Kinana for his kind words and told the delegates the contribution Tanzania made in the liberation struggle where the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere together with the late Samora Machel of Mozambique received 28 officers to train in Mozambique between 1976/1978 to later form the nucleus of the then Nation Resistance Army (NRA) freedom fighters.

He introduced one of the 4 surviving Officers to the gathering, Mr. Omule. Others include Generals Salim Saleh, Ivan Koreta and one civilian.

Later as the Conference came to an end, a number of resolutions were adopted based on the key note address by the Chairman of the Party President Yoweri Museveni as a working document of NRM.

The conference also adopted the report by the Acting Secretary General of the NRM Ms. Dorothy Hyuha. Members of NRM were commended for the Constitution amendments.

In the amendments it was agreed, among other issues, that the Electoral Commission of NRM be manned by full time person assisted by  2 deputies who will all be appointed by the Chairman of NRM

The National Secretariat will delegate the registration of NRM members to lower levels and the structure of the Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy National Treasurer, including all the staff of the Secretariat, will all be appointed subject to approval by the National Executive Council (NEC).

The conference was closed with a prayer by Mrs. Janet Museveni, who thanked God for the successful deliberations. She also prayed to God to give leaders in the country the grace to work together for the good of Uganda and Africa as well as to continue to preach love unity and for all people to protect each other as brothers and sisters.
President Joseph Kabila has ordered the United Nations Mission in DRC known by the French acronym, cure MONUSCO, for sale to start preparations to leave the war-torn country, ailment Chimp Corps report.

In a speech to the nation on Monday, Kabila said, “MONUSCO’s role has changed” and that the military force’s core mandate is now “focused more on eliminating the remaining pockets of resistance posed by remnant negative elements” in Eastern Congo.

This was the first time Kabila was speaking boldly against MONUSCO which helped to defeat the M23 rebellion that threatened his hold on power in 2012.

Kabila said MONUSCO should now “start the withdrawal phase” as soon as possible. MONUSCO is yet to respond to the fresh developments.

The comments which were apparently aimed at scoring political points at home could stir international anger against Kabila’s government.

Scores of innocent civilians were recently massacred in Eastern Congo by suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

And while Congolese forces have managed to pound ADF bases with heavy artillery, the entire high command of the rebel outfit under its extremist leader, Jamil Mukulu, remain intact.

Without mentioning the proposed constitutional amendments to allow him stand for a third term in office, Kabila said he will not “take any lectures or orders from our partners in the international community on our internal affairs.”

Kabila said he is “open to constructive ideas, advice and support which is given to our country in a dignified way.”

In October, violence broke out in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, with opposition activists putting up stiff resistance against Kabila’s plans of amending the Constitution to entrench his presidency.

Kerry warns

The riots came just a few months after United States Secretary of State, John Kerry warned Kabila on the dangers of sticking onto presidency and the urgent need to “respect the constitutional process.”

Carrying banners denouncing what they described as Kabila’s ‘authoritarian regime’, anti-government protesters held a march in Kinshasa which saw security forces use teargas and bullets to disperse the crowds.

The protests were held in several towns including Butembo in North Kivu where three people were reportedly injured in street battles with police.

The President of the opposition Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC), Vital Kamerhe, promised to mount more pressure on Kabila to quit at the end of his term of office.

“Kabila must avoid the ‘Congo Spring’ by leaving the Presidency in 2016,” said Kamerhe in reference to a wave of revolutions that toppled dictatorial regimes in North Africa in recent years.

He said several protesters had been detained by security.

This year, Kerry held a meeting with President Kabila and his foreign Minister Tshibanda, on the upcoming elections.

Kerry said he believed “the president’s legacy is a legacy that is very important for the country, and that he has an opportunity, which he understands, to be able to put the country on a continued path of democracy.”

The top U.S. official further stated: “And I believe it is clear to him that the United States of America feels very strongly, as do other people, that the constitutional process needs to be respected and adhered to. That’s how you strengthen a country.”

Kabila won’t take lectures

Kabila today told his country that “the people of Congo are heirs of Kimbangu and Lumumba”, implying they are ready to fight for the country’s sovereignty.

Prophet Simon Kimbangu was the most important of the prophet founders in the independent church movement of DRC. Patrice Lumumba was the famous Congolese independence leader and the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the vast and wealthy country.

Insisting he would not tolerate any lectures from the west on the country’s political processes, Kabila, however, assured citizens’ freedom to discuss the contentious matter.

He also spoke on decentralisation, saying several bills will be tabled in Parliament for debate.

Kabila paid tribute to Congolese soldiers killed on the battlefield in Eastern Congo as well as doctors fighting the spread of Ebola in the country.

“The endless wars in the country continue to impede economic growth but our gallant forces will neutralise all the negative elements in the country,” he noted.
Ousted NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi and wife Jacqueline Mbabazi   on Monday were part of the delegates at the ruling party’s national conference at Namboole.

However, pharm the couple which was seated in the Central Executive Committee tent was quiet and calm and also listened attentively during the speech delivered by party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni.

On several occasions the ruling party Secretary General was seen in deep thoughts as his chairman spoke to the delegates whereas the wife kept on sharing light moments with former Internal Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja with whom she shared a tent.

Even during the debate on the proposed constitutional amendments that Mbabazi toppled as Secretary General, he did not make any comments.

Chimpreports understands that during the NEC conference at Entebbe on Sunday, Mbabazi tried to put up resistance against the proposals only to be deflated by Museveni and opposed by majority NRM members.

Mbabazi’s fate remains unclear. There are reports he may soon face court on charges of money laundering, a charge he claims is “politically motivated.”

The former prime Minister was at no time seen sharing any light moment with his successor Hon Ruhakana Rugunda at the function even though the two were in the same tent.

It is reported Mbabazi will stand against Museveni in 2016, a claim the Kinkiizi West Member of Parliament vehemently denies.

Meanwhile, the heavy police and Special Force Command deployment ensured the Monday NRM Delegates conference went on smoothly without any chaos.

This followed threats by a group of Pro Mbabazi youth under the Poor NRM Youth who had vowed to storm the delegates’ conference.

“We shall be at entrances to ensure that every delegate accesses the stadium. We want to see that whoever is an NRM delegate goes to Namboole and no one can stop us from doing so. The NRM belongs to all Ugandans who have always supported it throughout the years,” said Habib Mboowa an NRM Poor Youth before the function took place.

By the time the conference closed, Mbabazi looked frustrated and betrayed. With his wife, Mbabazi gently walked out of the stadium.

Former FDC President Col Kizza Besigye tweeted at the end of the conference: “Hon Mbabazi now looks, in every respect, a stranger in the “organisation” he built! Wonder what Hon Ruhakana Rugunda thinks.”

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