Mbabazi Invited for National Youth Fete

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The bubbly X FM radio presenter, viagra http://chienyenthinh.com/plugins/content/loadmodule/loadmodule.php Siima Sabiti in a recent  interview revealed that though she is 33 years old, page http://clintonbrook.com/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php she is not ready to get married and is under no pressure from her parents.

Siima in her rather American accent admitted that like every other woman her age in Uganda gets a lot of pressure from her friends to either get married or have a child but she ignores them as she is not ready.

When asked about her thoughts on having kids, find Siima said she wants to have one but not in the immediate future. She also adds that she would have to leave her job in case she ever had one so that she can give the baby undivided attention.

Siima also revealed that she has been seeing someone for two and a half years and is happy with the arrangement. She says her man is Ugandan and is very supportive of her and her job. She also adds that he has a sense of humour and makes her laugh a lot.

When asked whether she can cook for her man, Siima was quick to answer in the affirmative as she loves cooking.

She however, made it clear that there are things she can’t do even for her man for example kneeling before him or washing his underwear.

She, on the other hand said that she couldn’t hide her businesses and investments from him as most Ugandan women do.

Siima co-presents the popular X-AM morning show alongside Rudende Nkurunziza and Libolo where the funny pack entertains listeners with a package of ‘infotainment’.
Exiled UPDF renegade Colonel Samson Mande has refuted reports he is returning to Uganda after sealing a secret deal with the government of President Museveni, viagra approved http://chasingjamesbeard.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/custom-css/custom-css.php Chimp Corps report.


Reports had indicated that Mande would appear in Uganda on October 28 to be fully resettled and rehabilitated by government.

However, approved http://cutteraviation.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/json-api.php Mande said in a brief statement that “I am a Uganda and Uganda is my mother land as I needed no permission to come out of Uganda so I need no permission to come home.”

He added: “I am an independent adult; I shall judge and decide when the time and situation is right for me to come back to Uganda.”

A battle-hardened combatant who fought side by side with President Museveni in the NRA war that saw the latter seize power in 1986, pharm http://chistes-cortos.info/wp-content/plugins/gd-star-rating/options/articles.php Mande fled into exile a decade ago after falling out with the system.

With fellow NRA fighter, Col Edison Muzoora, Mande would later start a rebel group known as People’s Redemption Army (PRA).

The movement which had bases in DRC and reportedly associated with Col Kizza Besigye, was dismantled in military operations led by then military intelligence chief, Col Noble Mayombo.

Several members of PRA were charged with treason at the Uganda High Court while others were handed amnesty for renouncing rebellion.

Since then, Mande has been living quietly in Sweden with his family.

Mande is said to have been a close friend of Gen Salim Saleh who has reportedly been urging the exiled officer to return home.

However, Mande said, “In the likely event that I will come to Uganda I will not be coming to seek a job. I have accumulated enough knowledge, experience, skills, networks, ideas and entandikwa to create jobs for myself and many Ugandans.”

The controversial politician said he won’t “be coming to compete with our children for the scarce jobs in government. I will come to join hands with fellow countrymen/women in offering solutions to our motherlands political, social economic challenges. I will come, come what may! I will announce my coming and come in broad day light and through the main gate. It shall be news and not rumours.”

Mande also denied reports that he is in “hiding.”

He elaborated: “Being in exile doesn’t mean hiding. I am open, public and accounted for. I communicate with the rest of the world on phone social media etc. I do my business in the open. I have no crime to run away from and if there was I should always have appeared in court to deal with it.”

In recent years, Mande has been calling for the change of leadership in the country.

“If you are troubled by the call for change we advocate for be prepared because we are in the struggle to stay until political, social economic justice is enjoyed by all Ugandans regardless of their tribes, regions, religion and political affiliations. As for forming the government it shall always be the people of Uganda to choose government of their choice. What we are struggling for is political reforms that shall guarantee free and fair elections.”
Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi is expected to give a key address at a function organised by Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) at Mbarara University of Science and Technology next month, erectile http://ccalliance.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/genericons.php Chimp Corps report.

Mbabazi recently made eyebrow-raising remarks at the recent UNCA charity event in which he emphasised the role of the youth in Uganda’s contemporary politics.

Mbabazi said he doesn’t believe in the notion of youth being leaders of tomorrow but “leaders of today.”

He had earlier made similar remarks while seeing off the UNSA leadership to Rwanda for a study tour.

Insiders tell Chimpreports that Mbabazi has been tactfully engaging in youth activities as part of his wider and clandestine campaign for presidency.

Mbabazi denies reports he has been mobilising to stand against President Museveni in the 2016 elections but maintains harbouring presidential ambitions is not a crime.

His recent remarks at youth functions appear to be aimed at emboldening the youth to demand for more space in the country’s leadership structures, side effects http://colegiogimnasioamericano.edu.co/plugins/jsnimageshow/themestrip/classes/jsn_is_stripdisplay.php a move that has unsettled Museveni’s strategists.

In the invitation letter extended to Mbabazi by UNSA, the group said it “appreciates your continued support to the students’ movement and the solidarity you have exhibited towards matters pertaining the students’ fraternity.”

The letter dated October 22 reads: “Aware that the young people are the majority stake holders in our nation, and that the students form a large percentage of Uganda`s youthful population, UNSA finds it fundamental to engage, build and consolidate the untapped potential of the students fraternity into one great voice that will foster the welfare and all needs beneficial to students countrywide.”

UNSA President Abubaker Matanda said it is upon that background that UNSA is organising a National Inter-Guild council featuring all Student leaders nationally under the theme “Role of Wanainchi in Shaping the National Debate: A Students’ Perspective.”

The function which will be held from November 13 to 16.

On November 17, said Matanda, “it will be the International students’ day to be commemorated in Mbarara as well.”

“Among others, we shall have presentations from key leaders, dialogues, discussions and a debate between female, and male students leaders in Uganda on electoral reforms that will be aired on television juried by Hon Miria Matembe, Hon Richard Todwong, and Hon Hon Winnie Kiiza.”

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