Mbabazi Declaration Lessens His Chances As Opposition Candidate – Muntu

President Yoweri Museveni Monday evening rushed to issue a strong worded statement in reaction to matters raised by former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi, price http://ceris.ca/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/widget-visibility.php in his earlier declaration to run for President in next year’s elections.

Museveni who had just touched down from South Africa, case http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-admin/includes/class-core-upgrader.php issued that statement that preceded a meeting between the former Premier, adiposity his successor Hon Ruhakana Rugunda and the President at State House in Entebbe.

Below is the transcribed statement in full

Fellow countrymen,

The other day issued a statement about some forged documents issued by some people and spread over social media; I hope you got the story. That document, it was suspected that it was either authored or distributed by certain people, some of whom have been arrested.

Now, since the name of the Right Honorable Amama Mbabazi my young brother has been featuring in some of these stories, I decided to invite him, together with the Right Hon Prime Minister Rugunda, for a meeting of today [Monday] at 6 o’clock, so that I ask him weather himself or people associated with him are involved in distributing seditious sectarian documents.  We are due to have that meeting in the next one hour or so.

However, when I was coming from South Africa today, I was informed that Hon Mbabazi had put out on social media, some other story. How he wants to present himself for election as flag bearer of the NRM, how he wants to compete for presidency in the next elections.

Well, those are his decisions and I have nothing to do with them. However, our method of work doesn’t involve that type of conduct. Neither the party, nor the national Electoral Commission has announced the dates of the elections.


I therefore don’t think it is proper, for the Right Honorable Mbabazi to waste your time with that premature electioneering.

Those are issues that should be handled within the parties, the NRM especially, at the right time when the party EC has arranged for those elections and then the national Electoral Commission. So, I think that method of work is wrong.

More importantly however, is the issue of the substance of what Hon Mbabazi said. My young people brought me that recording, and I watched it. He made a number of points which I would like to answer.

First he talked of working for everybody; that he now wants to work for everybody. Well, that’s what NRM has been doing all this time. When we said Education for all; UPE, USE, that’s what we meant, and indeed we have done that.

When Hon Mbabazi talks of restoring the NRM and the democratic principles, there I must salute him because he could not escape some of these facts. He said that we have achieved increased prosperity, peace, more respect for Uganda by the international community and he even said that there is too much that we must be proud of. I am glad he couldn’t conceal those facts.

However, he said somewhere else that the country is tired …nursing a tired nation! Well, Hon Mbabazi has been at the center of our system. All these years, he was in the security services, he was in Parliament, he was Minister of Security for a long time, he was Secretary General of the party, and eventually he was Prime Minister.

Now, the weaknesses which are there, of which I am the one who is always criticized, for instance the weakness of school charges in spite of the UPE; these are weaknesses that should be supervised by the Prime Minister and other leaders.

The issue of some sectors being tired, the issue of corruption, and all these weaknesses that I know very well and I always talk about; the issue of restoring the NRM; Hon Mbabazi is the one who can tell us about these weaknesses.

Let’s take the NRM. Yes the NRM is not organized as it should be, but Hon Mbabazi was its Secretary General for almost 10 years, and that’s why I moved that we amend the constitution and we have a full-time Secretary General.

On the issue of monitoring the government system and reinvigorating it, that is the job of the Prime Minister, a position which he was for some years. However even before, when he was Minister of Security, and later on SG, again those are the sort of positions that one could use to monitor what should be done and rectify mistakes.

Where we put capable people like for instance in the URA, the performance is excellent. I don’t think that Hon Mbabazi can say that the URA is tired. KCCA, where we put Jenifer Musisi who was fought by so many forces, you can see the impact that the lady has had there.

Yes, there is tiredness, there is corruption, there is lack of commitment in executing programs, but that is because the people who are supposed to monitor don’t monitor, and I think that Hon Mbabazi owes you an explanation in those fields.

Then, in the pictures I saw Hon Mbabazi talking about some scholastic materials including mathematical sets and how he’s going to distribute them to our students. Well, I made some calculations, I was informed that a mathematical set these days is Shs 3500, and I assumed that we may need to give these to about 4 million children who are currently in secondary schools and upper Primary.

At the price of 3500, that would need Shs 14 billion. But the budget of the Ministry of Education is Shs 2.3 trillion.  So when Hon Mbabazi was supervising the whole government, not just one sector, the Ministry of education was receiving Shs 2.3 trillion; Two thousand three hundred billion shillings.

Now, these mathematical sets, if we are to give to 4 million children need a total of 14 billion. I think Hon Mbabazi owes you an explanation why he didn’t do that while he was Prime Minister and is now talking of doing it when he is in his new position.

Anyway, just to refresh your minds as far as education concerned; in 1986 we had 40,000 classrooms. We now have 149,591 classrooms. The number of Primary schools in 1986 was 7351, we now have 18408. That is an increase of about three times.

Secondary schools were 508, there are now 2050 [These are government schools]. The post-primary were 125, they are now 319. Universities, there was only one, they are now 37.

And here are those new schools [Shows pictures of the newly constructed blocks at Mbarara High School, Jinja SS, Nyakayojo SS, Mbale SS and Kyebambe Girls Fort Portal]. There are 569 of them.

Nevertheless, I am going to meet Hon Mbabazi, to talk about the reactionary methods, that has been used of seditious documents that have been circulated, the false stories being told.

Regarding this statements of his, they are easy to answer because if there is anybody who could be questioned about the weaknesses, Hon Amama Mbabazi is one of them.

We have achieved a lot, we could have achieved more, there are those weaknesses which are there, I always tell you the people who I hold accountable, and when we get good cadres, we get excellent results.

I thank you; I thought I should clarify on some of those issues as they come along.



Opposition FDC president Gen Mugisha Muntu has deduced that former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s Monday declaration to contest for president would create a lot of panic within the incumbent government.

Muntu told journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi that Mbabazi’s announcement to stand against his party president is indeed another milestone within the party and the country’s political realm.

“Mbabazi standing against Museveni will strongly test the party’s democracy and will indeed cause a lot of panic within the party, ambulance http://cyberneuro.com/templates/fw_mazaya/warp/helpers/browser.php ” Muntu observed.

Muntu said time had come to test the democracy the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has often bragged about and that eventually Ugandans would be able to contrast it with the high level of transparency and mature democracy there is in the FDC.

Muntu however, viagra buy http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/widgets/em-events.php observed that Mbabazi’s move would in a way affect his chances to be fielded as the opposition single candidate against president Museveni.

Recent Media reports have suggested the possibility of Mbabazi crossing to the newly formed opposition alliance and being fielded as the single candidate to face Museveni in next year’s election.

“In case Mbabazi fails to defeat his party chairman, http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/admin/edit-contact-form.php it will now be upon him to decide whether or not to join the opposition coalition.”

“We have not yet decided on the opposition flag bearer since all the parties haven’t elected flag bearers but within a few weeks, this will be resolved.”


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