Mbabazi: Church Better Than Gov’t on Self-reliance

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has applauded the Church for undertaking huge development projects with the support of their parishioners and local supporters without relying on foreign donor support, viagra buy sickness a colonial syndrome bequeathed to us by colonial masters.

Mbabazi said the church is still a head of Government when it comes to being self-reliant and less donor dependent.

He said Uganda’s budget for this financial year 2014/15, where the country has planned to fund 82 percent of the budget using its own resources is a great achievement because it has reduced donor dependence to only 18 percent.

Mbabazi made the remarks on Sunday, at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Kibuye, Makindye in Kampala where he flagged off and also took part in the charity walk aimed at raising funds for the completion of the new Church.

The Church parishioners have so far raised and spent about Shs1 bn on the construction of the new church since 2008, and they require another Shs 238 m for completion before official opening in December 2014

“Thank you for being disciplined by collecting funds and putting them to good use. Criminality in the use of funds has been common in Government, but now even in non-governmental institutions, this disease is prevalent,” Mbabazi said.

Mbabazi contributed Shs 5 m on behalf of the Prime Minister’s office and another Shs 5 m on his personal behalf towards the completion of the church.

He said he was currently involved in raising funds for the refurbishment of the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, adding that he will support them until the church is complete.


Mbabazi also hailed the church for its contribution to spiritual nourishment and human development particularly in the areas of health, education and other social services without discrimination.

“Government is cognizant of this partnership with the church. Wherever you find a parish church you find a school, a health center or a development project,” Mbabazi clarified.

The Parish Priest, Father Joseph Lugobe on behalf of the parishioners thanked Government for creating a conducive environment for faith based institutions to operate without any encumbrances.

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