Mayor Kachebezi Banishes Animals Off Mbarara Streets

Mbarara Mayor Robert Kakyebezi has issued a directive banning animals on and near the streets of the new western city.

The mayor has warned in the past that he would not hesitate to impound these animals, there during various radio talk shows.

On Monday however, medicine during the municipality budget conference, there Kakyebezi made official, the directive promising to deal seriously with people whose animals have become a menace on the streets of Mbarara.

Kakyebezi said that the municipality has already spent billions of money on the beautification program and that the animals are only but an embarrassment.

“We received the beautification funds from the World Bank and over Shs. 2 billion has already been spent,” he said.

The mayor says the loitering goats and cows are not only a bad image but also because a lot of traffic jams on the streets.


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