Mayinja Betrayed Me With His Negative Song, Says Singer Kusasira

Singer Catherine Kusasira has said that her colleague Ronald Mayinja betrayed her by singing a song critical of the ruling government at her concert.

Mayinja caused a stir at the weekend when he sang a song titled ‘Bizeemu’, at the concert also attended by President Museveni. In the song, the artiste takes a swipe at the ruling NRM government for not stopping the murders, kidnaps, rampant corruption and unemployment in the country.

However, Kusasira on Monday expressed disappointment, saying that Mayinja ignored her pleas to sing the song given that President Yoweri Museveni was in attendance.

“I am not happy for what my fellow singer Ronald did. How can he sing ‘Bizeemu’ in front of the President at my concert?” she said in an interview.

“We told Mayinja not to sing that song because it would annoy the President but he didn’t listen. He should apologise for what he did,” she added.

The artiste insisted that the country is enjoying peace under NRM.

“I am a supporter of NRM and I think there is peace and freedom in Uganda. People are not killing each other, this is what he should understand,” she said.

Mayinja noted that his main aim was to deliver the message to the President basing on the current state of the country, so he did nothing wrong.


After the song,  Museveni said he has never killed anyone and that the current murders are being stopped.

He explained that unlike in 1980’s, today the killers are individuals not the government in the power.

He advised Mayinja to stop using music to distort facts and other NRM achievements.

“This is good for entertainment and business, but should never be to the detriment of strides made in bringing our country out being a failed state. For example, I disagree with one of the singers who was saying “Bizeemu”, as if to say that this NRM government is committing crimes against its people!,” he said.


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