Mayiga Warns on Uganda’s Political Violence

Buganda Prime Minister,  Peter Mayiga has appealed for restraint among Uganda’s political actors amid heightened tensions ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Addressing Buganda Parliament (Lukiiko) on Monday morning, Mayiga urged Mengo to appeal for calmness about the political situation in the country.

“As different people or groups of people vie for political positions, order we need to uphold the rule of law,” said Mayiga, in what appeared a veiled condemnation of the recent violence that characterized the arrest of Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi in Wakiso and Njeru respectively.

“Opponents must learn to listen to, and to respect each other,” he added.

Katikkiro further urged warring political leaders to take the contest to the courts of law rather than deploying forceful means.

“Whenever we fail to reach an amicable solution, we have to take the contest to the courts of law. Then courts’ verdicts must be adhered to and implemented,” he added.

“All sides should remember that Ugandans yearn for peace above everything else, we are therefore obliged to observe peace,” added Mayiga.

ChimpReports understands Mayiga did not take sides in the wrangle between the state and Mbabazi but apparently exhibited discomfort at last week’s incidents.


Meanwhile, members of the Buganda Lukiiko have today passed a Shs 8bn budget for the year 2015/2016.

The seating has been held at Bulange in the Buganda Lukiiko gallery today morning.

Minister for finance Owekitiibwa Eva Nagawa said there are several routes which the Buganda government will undertake to fund the budget.

Among the sources of income that will facilitate the budget include; “Land” through the Buganda Land Board, Nkuluze, Luwalo Lwaffe program, Ettoffaali, schools and companies.

President Museveni recently expressed concern over reports that Buganda Kingdom is charging Shs 100,000 as registration fees for people using the various pieces of land.

“We decided to give the titles to the Buganda Kingdom Institution so that they may be used for development. I am concerned by reports that Buganda administration was demanding Shs 100,000 as registration fees,” said Museveni on Tuesday.

The President said that the “NRM Government resolved to maintain the 1928 Governor’s stand and decided to maintain the land rates as nominal and that the rent for land should be maintained as nominal and not commercial.”

He said that the “peasants cannot be subjected to the rental conditions and that this was my understanding with Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.”


The Lukiiko asked the Kingdom Ministers to present reports from their ministries, updating the members about the activities being carried out in the ministry.

The Parliament appreciated Her Royal Highness, Sylvia Nnabagereka Nagginda for empowering the community to improve the lives of children and youths.

They also thanked President Yoweri Museveni and the central government for returning the Kingdom properties and asked for the remaining properties to also be returned.

Mr. Mayiga urged the Lukiiko members to focus much on the different sources of revenue that will lead to the increase of income of the Kingdom.

He therefore asked the finance minister to see that the 2016/2017 budget doubles this year’s budget.

The Katikkiro said that work has resumed normally after re-emphasising the care takers of Kasubi Royal tombs to follow Ssaabasajja Kabaka’s directives to repeat the thatching of Muzibu-azaala-mpanga in a traditional way.

Rolls Royce

Regarding the contested ownership of the Rolls Royce car which was used by Sir Edward Muteesa II, the then president of Uganda, Mayiga noted:

“Minister Maria Mutagamba wrote a letter to president Museveni and copied to the Katikkiro stating that, the car was bought by the government of Uganda to Sir Edward Muteesa II as the then president of Uganda which means it belongs to the government of Uganda.”

However, Katikkiro said that he is going to look into the matter and see where the truth is.

While handing over the Kingdom’s land titles to Mayiga a fortnight ago, Museveni said Government was trying to establish whether the Rolls Royce car in the Uganda museum belonged to Kabaka Mutesa or the Uganda Government.

He said that it would be attended to as soon as the facts are established.

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