Mayflower Apartments boss, Ida Kwesiga, Dies

Ugandan businesswoman, Ms Ida May Kwesiga is dead.

She was 71.

Kwesiga passed away this past Friday night, according to close family members.

“I’m in total shock at the death of my sister, Aunt May Ida Kwesiga, as we all call her. She passed away, just hours ago and I’m still trying to come to terms with this horrific news,” said human rights activist and Ida’s in-law, Sheila Kawamara Mishambi.

She didn’t disclose Ida’s cause of death.

“She (Ida) is a woman I highly respected for her humility and generosity,” said Kawamara.

Ida was recently in the news over a contentious USD 2.3M loan she acquired from Housing Finance Bank (HFB) to refurbish her family-owned Mayflower Apartments in the upscale Nakasero neighborhood, Kampala.

Kwesiga took over management of the estate following the death of Eng Samuel Mishambi Kwesiga, who supported Museveni’s NRA war.

President Museveni recently wrote to Housing Finance Bank to allow Kwesiga to sell her property and pay the financial institution.

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