Massa Girlfriend Shooting: The Untold Riveting Story

Former Cranes striker, Geoffrey Massa got involved in a scuffle with police on Thursday night where he sustained injuries.

According to sources at police, Massa was with a lady in the car, a one Josephine Maliza, 25, who got a bullet wound.

The woman was shot and is still at Gwatiro hospital where she is receiving treatment.

Emillian Kayima, the Kampala Metropolitan police Public Relations Officer, confirmed to the press that Massa changed his name when he got to the hospital.

Playing sharp

“I learnt that at the hospital he recorded a different name and I do not know why he did so,” he said on NTV Akawungeezi during an interview

Dr. Gwatiro Katumba, the head of Gwatiro hospital when approached about the incident, denied receiving anyone called Massa at their hospital.

“The man we received told us he was called Alex Gonza. We do not want to contradict the police statement,” Katumba said.

However, a reliable source at the hospital relayed that Massa was at the hospital but left very early.

“You people missed him; some journalists who were here met him leaving the hospital. The truth is Massa was here,” the gentleman claimed.

A one Josephine, a nurse at Gwatiro hospital, exclaimed with hard laughter saying, “I will deny anyone who asks me if Massa was here, this hospital is for sharp people.”

Getting cozy

A source said Massa was allegedly giving the woman a lift but that they later got cozy because they had undressed.

“The woman said that she did not know the man, she was just getting a lift from the man,” said a police officer at Bweyogerere Police post.

He also said the two police men on patrol had been slightly injured but are now out of danger.

The other police sources said Massa was doing all things possible to distance himself from the woman because she looked ‘ugly’.

“Massa was not really injured. It was useless for him to be kept in the hospital but it is the woman who remained there,” officials said.

They said they found knickers in the car which showed Massa and the woman were having sex.

The ill-fated car is currently parked at Bweyogerere Police Post under tight supervision.

According to the statement released by police, cops were on patrol when they suspected a parked vehicle along Namboole Fly Over.

As they tried to talk to the driver who was later discovered to be Geoffrey Massa, he sped off, knocking the police motorcycle.

The officers attempted to shoot the car tires to stop him.

Massa sustained injuries before rushing to Gwatiro where he received treatment and was discharged.

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