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Masaka Barracks Attackers Killed in DRC

On July 7, buy information pills the UPDF Armoured Brigade Barracks at Kissajjagirwa in Masaka District was attacked by unknown gunmen who killed two soldiers.

The assault, in which guns were stolen, sent shockwaves across the country.

It came at a time of increased shootings at security facilities, raising fears of a possible insurgency in the country.

The Armoured Brigade is one of the specialised units of the UPDF Land Forces, boasting tank battalions, a maintenance unit and Armoured Warfare Training School –Kalama.

Following this attack, the military intelligence embarked on a hunt for the perpetrators.

Interestingly, according to defence officials, the assailants were killed by DRC forces in the Eastern part of vast country.

On discovery of the dead bodies this week in de-gazetted UPDF uniform at Kotongo, a village at the border with Uganda, DRC civil society accused Uganda of destabilizing the mineral-rich country.

In a statement sent to ChimpReports on Thursday, UPDF Spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said the deceased orchestrated the Masaka attack.


“First we would like to thank the DRC army for helping to neutralize those criminals who had killed our soldiers at Masaka barracks and made away with their guns,” said Ankunda.

“These are enemies of Uganda and not our soldiers.”

He pointed out that, “Whereas it is true that the two people who were killed adorned uniforms that looked like the old and de-gazetted UPDF uniform, the two people are not members of UPDF at least according to our knowledge and records.”

The gunmen were found wearing de-gazetted UPDF uniform, according to Lt Col Ankunda
The gunmen were found wearing de-gazetted UPDF uniform, according to Lt Col Ankunda

Ankunda said one of the guns found on the deceased bearing registration number 49036904 had been stolen from Masaka district from a local defence soldier, one Rafael Muhumuza who at the time had been guarding at Muto Plaza.

Muhumuza has since been arrested and is pending trial by the military court martial.

Ankunda added that the second gun rifle number 49025975 had also been “grabbed from Cpl Edison Beingana of Masaka barracks by unknown assailants who unfortunately killed him and another colleague on 07 Jul 16.”


On 12 July 2016, Okapi radio (the official UN radio in DRC) and Agence France Presse (AFP) published reports quoting the chairman of the civil society of Beni, Teddy Kataliko who made severe allegations against the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Kataliko called on the ICGLR and the DRC Government to investigate what he claimed to be “Uganda’s involvement in the insecurity scourging Beni territory”.

He accused the Ugandan Army of being involved alongside the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) in the spate of killings of civilians in Beni.

“We demand a joint investigation with the ICGLR. We feel that it is high time for the Congolese Government to clarify this 14th incursion which the civil society has always been denouncing. That they provide a coherent and ad hoc report to show to the face of the world and the international community, Uganda’s involvement in the massacres in Beni”, Kataliko was on record as saying.

Kataliko further accused the UPDF of providing support to armed groups in the town of Mwalika, notably in Bashu chieftainship and part of Beni-Mbau sector and Watalingwa settlement.

He went on to thank the local population for collaborating with the DRC army by denouncing these “many incursions of the Ugandan Army” on Congolese soil through the Rwenzori massif from the Basungura settlement.

Ankunda said for Kataliko to claim that the UPDF has been arming ADF or even any other militias to destabilize DRC and that UPDF has had a hand in the spate of killings in Beni is “rather outrageous.”

In any case, said Ankunda, “it does not make sense that Uganda can arm her enemies (ADF) whose leader Jamil Mukulu is undergoing trial in Uganda.”

Kataliko’s wild allegations are discounted by the fact that even the DRC government has not found it worthwhile to raise these allegations with the government of Uganda.”

Ankunda said the UPDF will continue to work with the FARDC to eliminate all negative forces destabilising the Eastern DRC.

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