Marriage Ceremony for Ange Kagame in Rwanda

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame have today Friday given away their daughter Ange Kagame to urban planner Bertrand Ndengeyingoma at a traditional ceremony held in the country.

The event took place at Kagame’s plush upcountry home in Ntebe near Lake Muhazi in the Eastern province, Kayonza district, Gahini sector.

Ndengeyingoma, 26, served as Vice-President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Undergraduate Association (UA). 

Kagame (R) and First Lady Jeanette giving away their daughter

The Association represents a little over four thousand undergraduates within the university.

He is the youngest child in a family of five.

His journey started right from Rwanda, at the Belgian School of Kigali, where he studied for thirteen years. 

Ndengeyingoma’s undergraduate years at MIT were a time of figuring out what exactly he wanted to do. 

After deciding to major in civil engineering, he began dabbling in materials science.

Ange Kagame

As part of MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), Ndengeyingoma spent a semester working in the Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics where he used computer simulations to see how graphene is deformed by water.

Ndengeyingoma also spent a summer in France, through the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI), working with a different category of emerging materials: silica aerogels.

Ange (R) and her husband

However, the biggest shift in Ndengeyingoma’s academic interests happened right before his senior year, during an internship with an architecture firm called MASS Design Group. 

Ndengeyingoma spent the summer analyzing the affordable housing market in Kigali, focusing on parameters such as land, infrastructure, construction, building materials, and architecture.

The cultural ceremony was held in Rwanda

When Ndengeyingoma returned home to Kigali the summer after completing his undergraduate degree, he decided to start considering his city through the lens of urban planning.

Ndengeyingoma focused on Nyamirambo, a neighborhood of small stores that lack the usual storefront display windows and instead are painted with colorful images that highlight the products they sell or the services they offer.


Ndengeyingoma has continued to focus on housing development in Africa through his research with the Resilient Cities Housing Initiative.

Ange Kagame

Born September 8, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium, Ange Kagame is the second child and only daughter of Paul Kagame, current president of Rwanda.

She has been involved in causes that include women’s empowerment, education, and poverty eradication, as well as mass vaccination campaigns.

Ange completed her education abroad and was absent from the public eye for most of her childhood due to security and privacy reasons.

She attended Dana Hall School, a private preparatory school located in Wellesley, Massachusetts in the United States.

She attends Smith College where she majors in Political Science with a minor in African studies.

Ange Kagame can speak three languages, English, Kinyarwanda, and French.

In 2014, Ange accompanied her father to the White House for a dinner hosted by President Barack Obama.

Ange Kagame is the second oldest child with three other siblings, Ivan Cyomoro, Ian Kagame, and Brian Kagame. She is a basketball and football fan, and follows the Boston Celtics and Arsenal.

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