Marie Stopes Recalls Porous Condoms

Marie Stopes Uganda, the country’s largest sexual and reproductive healthcare organization has recalled up to two batches of Life Guard condoms that were found to have holes in them.

The order to have these condoms withdrawn from the market was made by the National Drug Authority which detected the fault after inspection.

Mrs Victoria Nambasa, the NDA Director Product Safety, wrote to Marie Stopes at the close of last month, ordering them to recall two batches of condoms that were manufactured in March and May this year.

The two batches, she said, were found to have been distributed despite failure to comply with two key parameters, namely freedom from holes and burst properties.

The affected condoms which are manufactured by MHL Health Care Ltd India, have batch numbers 19040205 (made in March 2019) and 19050105 (Made in April).

“You are hereby requested to conduct an immediate recall of the defective batches and submit to this office a recall status within two weeks…,” Nambasa directed.

Marie Stopes as per the directive, was to provide to NDA details of the distribution of the product, (quantity, where and when), a list of clients notified of the recall, the clients that responded and those that didn’t and a list of the returned condoms.

Marie Stopes this morning issued a statement announcing the recall of the two batches.


“The organization is asking anyone with one the affected batches to telephone 0800 220 330 to arrange a full refund,” they wrote.

Marie Stopes Country director Carole Sekimpi described the two faulty batches as an “isolated issue,” stressing that all the other batches are not affected.

“We have been working closely with the National Drug Authority and we have already been able to recall more than half of the affected condoms. We are also urgently working with the affected manufacturer to establish what went wrong and ensure all future batches meet the quality standards we and our clients expect.”

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