‘Mariachi Got Nothing On Me’- MC Kapale Stings

The rivalry between the two top Luganda comedians, MC Kapale and MC Mariachi, seems to be getting worse as they both claim the throne of comedy.

Unlike Mariachi who had a successful show last year, Kapale’s show held at WonderWorld miserably flopped over the weekend leaving many wondering if he still had the game on.

However speaking to ChimpLyf, the comedian said he can’t be compared to the pencil-thin MC since he is the father.

“I am a better brand than Mariachi; he is even a kid to me. Even on stage he goes first then I follow,” he said.

The two comedians will be hosted today at Chagga’s ‘Hit Makers’ show at Freedom City although Kapale says it will be the best opportunity to show the world who he truly is.

“That’s the day you will tell who rules the industry. I am joining the who is who battle,” he added



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