Mao Wants Commonwealth Conference to Discuss Militarized Ugandan Politics

Democratic Party President General, Norbert Mao has called for the coming Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Kampala to discuss among others the role of the military in Uganda politics.

Mao in an interview on Tuesday said that the conference, scheduled to take place from September 22nd to 29th 2019, has come at the time when the country, according to him, is laboring with national reconciliation.

“All democracies face different challenges. In Uganda we are currently dealing with national reconciliation and I appreciate this conference has come at the right time,” said Mao.

The DP leader noted that the current National Resistance Movement Government assumed and established power militarily, making the army part of political administration.

“My big expectation is that the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference talks about the role of military and armed forces in Government. The Government leading us now did not come to power through an election but after a war. Shifting gears from military to civilian government is yet to be fully achieved,” said Mao.

Mao also noted that the increasing population and underlying challenges like unemployment and others need to be addressed.

“We have the population bulge; large number of our population is below the age of 30. We have the challenge to give them practical and relevant skills. Solutions should be sought,” added Mao.

The conference will attract an estimate of 1000 people from 9 regions including Africa, Asia, Australia, British Islands and Mediterranean, Canada Caribbean, American and Atlantic, India, Pacific and South East Asia. It will provide a great opportunity for our Parliaments to engage, deliberate and network on parliamentary best practices, democratic values and socio-economic aspirations of the Commonwealth fraternity.


The event under the theme, “Adaptation, engagement and evolution of Parliaments in a rapidly changing Commonwealth” will tackle a number of emerging issues.



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