Mao Threatens to Leave Democratic Alliance

Police has today arrested a doctor who reportedly delayed to attend to two women in labour yesterday at Fort portal regional referral hospital, web an act that led to their death.

Reports indicate Lukia Busingye and Jacqueline Tumwekwasegye, order now both deceased went into early labor and were not attended to for over 10 hours.

A relative to Tumwekwasegye disclosed that doctors were demanding for money from patients and when she failed to produce the needed amount under claims that the hospital was a government facility, story she was pushed aside, bleeding to death.

“We received a report on the matter and so far we have arrested two medical workers who were directly responsible for attending to the mothers. We have received reports that the medical personels wanted to extort money from the pregnant women however we are still investigating the truth of the matter,” said Polly Namaye the Deputy Police Spokesperson.

The suspects connected to the two mother’s death are currently being held at Fortportal police station as investigations are ongoing.
Opposition Democratic Party (DP) president, stuff Norbert Mao has vowed to pull out of the Democratic Alliance in case one of the party officials and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s splinter group is allowed to join the same alliance.

The democratic alliance which comprises of six opposition parties was formed last month with the aim of fielding one candidate to tackle President Yoweri Museveni in the coming 2016 elections.

Norbert Mao’s anger followed the Bativa Hotel declaration that was yesterday passed by DP Buganda faction and the DP Parliamentary Group which resolved to form a separate group led by Erias Lukwago to join the Democratic Alliance so as to vie for 2016 general elections.

Mao said that the formation of a new party had been Lukwago’s long term dream but warned him that it wouldn’t be a stroll in the park.


“Threats of splinting from the mother party is just empty talk; the group is instead undermining where it is supposed to be strong,” Mao stated while addressing journalists at City House.

“If The Democratic Alliance (TDA) allows this splinter group to join, then DP will bow out and it must understand that we are the majority. This group is just a handful of noisy people and a tribal clique.”

Mao warned the opposition parties that associating with Lukwago and his group would be fatal to the alliance noting that their intentions are sabotaging peaceful transition of power within the country.

“This very group has tried to split DP like it did in the previous general elections by forming the ‘Suubi’ that never yielded results but rather caused the opposition to lose seats to the NRM within Kampala,” Mao said.

Mao emphasized that allowing Lukwago join will be the end of TDA since this group’s agenda is to disorganize the opposition.

“The Alliance should remember that we agreed in the protocol that all members must come through their party and no party faction shall be allowed whatsoever.”

He emphasized that the party will continue to follow it’s laid down road map and vowed not to postpone the Delegates Conference which will take place from July 23 to 26.

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