MAO: State Actions Confirm Besigye Won 2016 Election

The Democratic Party President General, cure Norbert Mao has said the amount of effort and resources the State is applying to contain Dr. Kizza Besigye confirms that the Forum for Democratic Change strongman won the February 2016 presidential election.

Appearing on the NBS TV political talkshow, no rx the Front Line, Mao who supported former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi during presidential elections, said he had believed that none of the candidates scored the required 50 percent plus one vote to win the poll but developed another view in the recent past.

“The attention that government, through security agents is giving to Dr. Besigye clearly confirms that he was the winner,” Mao said. The DP President also expressed dismay on the way Dr. Besigye was arrested at Entebbe International Airport on Monday and whisked away to his home by the security.

“Even the world known drug lords like Guzman are treated with dignity during apprehension. The way Dr. Besigye was taken by rogue security who invaded the plane was horrible,” he said.

Meanwhile, Besigye who also appeared on the same show reiterated that he won the election and was ready to present the evidence he claims to be having, when the opportunity arrives.

“The Court is playing around that investigations are still going and delaying the opportunity for me to present the evidence of my victory,” Dr. Besigye.

It should be noted that the FDC candidate did not petition the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the election that declared President Yoweri Museveni as the winner.

It was only the third runner up, Mbabazi who went to the highest court of the land that upheld Museveni’s victory.


Besigye stated last evening that he didn’t file a petition against the results since security arrested and detained him at his non-gazetted home constraining his chances of gathering evidence in time. The law gives the aggrieved candidate only 10 working days to file a petition.

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