Mao Promises To Set Up Tribunal To Recover Stolen Land

Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Nobert Mao has promised to set up what he termed as “Stolen Assets Recovery Tribunal” to reclaim and repossess land and other assets that might have been stolen under the current government.

Mao who is contesting for presidency made the remarks as he campaigned for himself and also DP flag bearer for Kayunga district woman Member of Parliament, Lydia Wabuza in Kayunga district.

“In Kayunga, there are land wrangles because partly, there are desperate families that have managed to sell land to rich people. And people buying land are not like investors, they are thieves. They steal money from the Government then they come and buy land. But I am urging the people; don’t get pangas, don’t get spears. Just vote DP. We have a plan to repossess your land which has been grabbed. We are going to set up something known as the Stolen Assets Recovery Tribunal. We will put high level judges who will summon those land grabbers. If your claim is right, you will get back your land. Kayunga land is for the people of Kayunga. Nobody can grab it and take it away,” he said.

Kayunga is among the districts that have registered rising cases related to land such as land grabbing, forgery of land titles, unlawful evictions among others.

Mao also told the people of Kayunga that this election is not only about promising service delivery but also change of Government without bloodshed.

“Despite the short time we have had, it was our duty to visit Kayunga and explain to the people that there is only one dividing line in this vote. This election is not about roads, hospitals, schools, electricity. This election is about changing Uganda. Ugandans are thirsty for only one thing; they want to see change without bloodshed. I have visited all parts of Uganda. I even went to Kiruhura, President Museveni’s district and warned them. I am from the north, I am from Gulu. I told them that when a big tree falls, it falls on the small ones. Idi Amin fell on the West Nile, Obote and Okello fell on us in the north, we had 20 years of war. So, I told them, this time, understand things for yourselves. I believe that many Ugandans when you explain to them they understand,” Mao said.

Since Uganda got Independence from Britain in 1962, it has never had peaceful transfer of power.

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