Mao ‘Profoundly Happy’ After Reelection As DP President

Police in Mbarara last evening blocked former FDC president col.dr.Kiiza Besigye from passing through the streets of Mbarara town after meeting his supporters at Booma grounds.

Earlier in the day, rx Besigye held a rally at the playground where he urged hundreds that turned up to support him battle the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni again in the coming elections.

Rushing to stop FDC supporters on the street
Police rushing to stop FDC supporters on the street

At the function, his high spirited supporters also contributed resources to fund his campaigns.

Upon closure of the function, the supporters followed him onto the streets as he headed back to Grand Holiday hotel in Mbarara only to be stopped by Police.


An altercation between the crowd and Police later turned violent and the latter was compelled to use teargas to disperse them.

Besigye’s efforts to talk police out of the conformation were fruitless and on realizing this, he forced his way toward Buremba road where he disappeared.

He proceeded to Bushenyi to drum support as the FDC party flag bearer in the coming elections.


Nobert Mao has been handed another term as the Democratic Party President by delegates in a highly contested race.

Mao was reelected in the top post at a 3-day Delegates conference held at the Katomi Kingdom Resort in Entebbe.

Voting which started on Sunday morning, find closed yesterday afternoon and the results were announced by the returning officer Deogratias Hasubi in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Garnering a total of 896 votes, viagra 60mg Mao beat his sole contender Lulume Bayiga who managed only 360.

Mao’s reelection comes at the peak of a major confrontation amongst the party leaders that resulted in the breakaway of a DP faction led by Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago.

The splinter group is seeking to pick its own leader that will be fronted to the recently formulated Democratic Alliance, to contest for the opposition’s candidate that will tackle NRM’s candidate in the coming presidential elections.

Mao is also recuperating from a strange illness that near claimed his life recently. There were rumors that government met his medical expenses outside the country.

Mao has severally been accused to romancing with the ruling government and President Yoweri Museveni, much to the disgruntlement of the DP members.

His wife Naome has also been rumored in connection with State House, an allegation that Mao sternly dismissed last evening.

“Mama Nico does not work in State House or any other government office. As a matter of fact she is abroad pursuing further studies,” he said.

“When they mention that she is employed by State House, why do they fail to mention what position she holds there? In law, He who alleges must prove.”

Upon reelection, Norbert Mao expressed “profound happiness” for the support he got.

“I thank Hon. Dr. Lulume Bayiga for being a worthy opponent. I thank the DP members for their vote of confidence in our team. Let all DP members now join hands and support the team elected by the delegates,” he added.



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