Mao: Parliament is Fast Losing its Image

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has challenged the 10th Parliament to rise up and redeem its image before the General public that seems to be on the verged of destruction.

The DP president made the remarks during a panel discussion to commemorate the International Day of Democracy at Parliament on Thursday under the theme; “Democracy and 2030 Agenda for Substantive Development.”

Mao noted that the continuous act of dumping piglets in front of Parliament by the Jobless Brotherhood is an expression of how members of the public have started losing hope in the house.

“We have got a threat of violence because of the increasing gap between the elected officials and their electorates, viagra http://cerlalc.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-site-endpoint.php the gap has widened, help http://corepr.pl/wp-includes/class-wp-feed-cache-transient.php there is a confidence crisis in all public institutions that’s why young people are releasing pigs in the compound of Parliament, Mao said.

“They think the house is not a legislative body that represents ordinary people but a banquet hall that everybody is just feasting at the expense of the ordinary people,” Mao added while speaking with the media after the function.

Mao’s remarks follow continuous reports of Members of Parliament have been awarding themselves with numerous perks and remuneration allowances that including Shs 200million cars each and funeral allowances.

“This has been made worse in that the first business of this Parliament has been about their privileges; the cars, salaries, health benefits and burial expenses which cause a distance between the parliament and the people,” warned Mao.

“Now when people get disenchanted, they resort to violence we should not be complacent that we have adequately vaccinated our political institution against violent overthrow.”


Mao has as well highlighted that the piglets that have been dumped at Parliament today morning pass a simple message that “The opposition has been co-opted since the pigs carried a message that ‘Eating we are one’; it seems the people have realized that the ones they expected to help them have instead abandoned them.”


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