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Mao: Mbabazi Camp Ready to Crush Crime Preventers

Democratic Party (DP) president and Go Forward Campaign Committee Chairman, adiposity Norbert Mao has appreciated the initiative by Uganda Women Network (UWONET) of lighting candles of peace ahead of the general elections but warned that genuine peace shall only prevail once no candidate provokes their camp.

“It’s president Museveni rather who poked the behind of a Leopard. That is why the Leopard pounced on him in Ntungamo, medications ” Mao answered Museveni during DP’s press briefing at City House in Kampala on Tuesday.

“You all witnessed that our boys in Ntungamo never had any sticks but managed to disarm the NRM crime preventers that were deployed from Katwe in Kampala according to our investigations,” Mao said.

“We have instructed our security team to be very resilient, nobody will beat us and we just watch. I issue a general warning that anybody that pokes a Leopard will be scratched and bitten.”

Mbabazi’s supporters who beat up Museveni’s fans were later rounded up and jailed.

Museveni warned that attacking his supporters was not only provocative but spelt doom for the Go Forward camp.

Mbabazi said his supporters’ actions were in self-defence.

Mao today warned on tough times ahead should NRM attempt to provoke their camp.


“This last phase of campaigns, we shall not allow any provocation; our boys are well equipped with all that it takes to counterattack the NRM’s Crime Preventers who are poorly trained,” said Mao.

“I advise the so called Crime Preventers who are hired at a fee of Sh20, 000 feeding on rice not to dare face our security team whereby some of our people train in boxing for three hours each morning while others are veterans. After matching in Kololo training for Mchaka mchaka you (crime preventers) snow think you are combatants?”

Mao observed that peaceful campaigns shall only take place once all participants obey the rules for a peaceful game.

Mao further pinned police for detaining the Go Forward security head, Christopher Aine and demanded that he should be produced with immediate effect.

“Aine represents a group of Ugandans who are fearless and those are the kind of people that President Museveni fears; we shall not stop pursuing change at elections.”

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