Mao Condemns Bobi Wine Arrest, “Abuse of Law” by Police

The President General of the opposition Democratic Party (DP) Hon Nobert Mao has condemned the manner in which Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine was on Monday arrested by the Police as he made his way to Our Lady of Good Counsel stadium in Gayaza.

Bobi Wine accompanied by other People Power officials were planning to hold a rally at the stadium in consultations for his 2021 presidential bid.

Police fired teargas and live bullets while arresting him as it dispersed other people power supporters.

Mao on Tuesday called the arrest illegal, unwarranted and brutal.

“On behalf of the Democratic Party, I condemn in strongest terms the illegal, unwarranted and brutal manner in which the Police broke up what was earlier cleared. To the best of my information the Police knew that they were going to sit in tents. The police also knew the venue was an open ground but nevertheless the police decided to go and unleash violence,” he said.

Bobi Wine was recently cleared by the elections body, the Electoral Commission to go ahead with the program.

Mao also condemned abuse of Public Order Management Act (POMA) by the Police.

“As DP we have been consistent in our condemnation of the manner in which the Police abuses the Public Order Management Act.”


He added that POMA has a lot of loopholes in between and a result they (the opposition) have for a long time been calling on government to issue regulations under the Act.

“Since 2013, the Uganda Government has not made regulations under the Public Order Management Act. As a result, there is a lot of arbitrariness by the Police.”

“Obviously there is nothing wrong having a law to regulate public meetings. But there is a difference between regulating and prohibiting. The Police now uses the power to regulate in order to prohobit meetings and we find that totally unacceptable,” he said.

Mao added that violence will cause a lot of harm to Uganda and a result, announced the “no violence campaign,” which he said will be launched soon.

“We will all perish if everybody becomes violent. So we are going to launch a no violence campaign as the Democratic party. Already analysts are faring that 2021 is going to be the most violent election season ever. DP has the moral authority to preach nonviolence because we have proved that we are nonviolent.”

He also called for a national dialogue to discuss transition of power.

“National dialogue is a continuous process but we urgently need what we call a national conference to discuss transition. And call for transition is written all over president Museveni’s face. When you look at him you see the need for transition. Even the blind can see,” he added.

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