Mao Can’t Threaten Me Out of Democratic Alliance – Lukwago

Kampala Capital City Lord Mayor, more about Erias Lukwago has assured the Democratic Party (DP) president, link Norbert Mao that he would not succeed in pushing him and his new pressure group (Platform for Truth and Justice) out of The Democratic Alliance (TDA).

Speaking during the launch of Platform for Truth and Justice (TJ) at Bativa Hotel in Kampala, Lukwago assured members that he fostered the formation of the alliance and that no one would stop him from participating in the cause that he has fought for.

The alliance was formed by various opposition parties with the aim of uniting forces against President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM government in the coming elections.

“We just coaxed Mao into joining the alliance recently; I have been at the forefront of this move. How can someone who found me in the alliance threaten me out,” Lukwago observed.

“I have always worked towards forming a working alliance; in 1996 I was part and parcel of the Inter Political Forces Cooperation despite being a young man, in 2001 we joined and campaigned for Col. Besigye since he proved to be stronger than the other, we formed the 4GC movement in2003 through 2005.”

“In 2011, we came up with the Interparty Cooperation (IPC) which Mao refused to join, this also led to the formation of Suubi pressure group within DP and participated in the cooperation and subsequently won positions especially within the city center.”

“I was privileged that in 2014, civil society organizations came up with the campaign for free and fair elections of which I have been actively involved, we latter on signed the Citizen Compact for reforms at Hotel Africana where Mao was nowhere to be seen.”

“This has for now culminated into the formation of the Democratic Alliance; I respected Mao and for the good of the party, I allowed him to sign the protocol but I would still sign through several other capacities.”


“Mao found me in TDA, I have built TDA, I involved myself in preparing the coalition; for your information we have already received an invitation to attend the launching of TDA secretariat in Ntinda and we have already selected a group among ourselves to go and participate.”

Lukwago added that the platform will now embark on candidates training and selection so as to present a good breed of candidates that will vie for slots within the alliance.

“This is our time, we are close to the finishing line, President Museveni has become weaker and weaker; we are ready to push whoever stands on way to state power.”

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