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Mao Asks Sejusa to Rally Army Support for Opposition

The return of former Coordinator of Intelligence Services, approved medications Gen David Sejusa has in the recent past caused mixed reactions from different Ugandans including opposition politicians.

Opposition Democratic Party President, sildenafil Norbert Mao has called upon the former spymaster, unhealthy to ensure relevant army support for the opposition if meaningful change is to be achieved in the country.

While addressing his very first press conference of the year, 2015, the DP president highlighted that the role of Sejusa in regime change should be ensuring that the opposition gains support from the army.

“Now, it is very important whose side the army is when a monumental change is taking place. Let me tell you; when the army decides to stick with the dictator, change is practically impossible,” Mao told journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala.

Mao added, “This has got historical evidence; UPC would have never crumbled, if the army had not abandoned Milton Obote. The same applies to Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and not forgetting; if the Romanian army had not abandoned Nicolai Chauchescu, he would still be ruling in his wheelchair.”

“When Museveni finally is only left with Kale Kayihura and a few hardliners, that will be an important point in time for revolutionary impacts,”

“As to whether Gen Sejusa will play that role, I don’t know but I hope to meet him so that we look for common ground that will facilitate the opposition alliance with the major aim of a united opposition front,” Mao concluded.


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