Manifesto Alone Doesn’t Matter – Bobi Wine

National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has downplayed the importance of elaborate manifestos by different political organizations during the election season, saying that what matters is the will of leaders to help the ordinary people.

Bobi Wine said in Mbarara today that fancy manifestos are nothing but a waste of time if leaders are not committed to “better the lives of the people on the country.

“Look at the manifestos that the NRM has produced since 1996. Look at the promises in each manifesto in every election; they are all full of contradictions and lies in each one of them,” he said.

“In the last election, Gen Museveni lied that his government would provide free sanitary pads.  To date, this promise has been like other promises; it stayed in words.”

And while government through the ministry of education has insisted that government lacked money to make good this pledge, Bobi Wine noted that the same government, “has never failed to find money to bribe MPs to pass bad laws, to buy off political opponents hire and procure by teargas and other weapons of mass oppression.”

President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday this week unveiled his 6th campaign manifesto that focused on expanding production, the market for locally produced goods and security.

However, according to Bobi Wine, this was yet another of the president’s false promises.

“But we are NUP are not here to make promised to win power, but to commit to work with Ugandans to improve their lives. Immediately after taking over government, every Uganda will experience a meaningful change.


His manifesto which he launched at Kakyeeka Stadium in Mbarara, undertakes to among others enhance the livelihood of Ugandans ranging from teachers, health workers and security personnel who are being promised a minimum wage of Shs 1million

“There is no need for soldiers to live in dilapidated houses with no running water. They cannot continue to live like beggars despite the work they do,” he said.

Bobi Wine also promised to create 5million jobs by investing in technology and mass industrialization.

He also vowed to safeguard the Ugandan constitution, adding that it will be treasonous for someone who tried to change the constitution to keep themselves in power.


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