Man Threatens to Sue UCU Student Over Rape Claims

In the wake of a seismic social media movement that erupted weeks ago to expose suspected rapists in the country, one of the cited suspects is fighting back.

Calton Douglas Kasirye, who was accused of rape by one Sheena Bagaine Tasha, in an effort to clear his name, has threatened legal action against his accuser.

In a “Intention to Sue” letter dated 8/1/2010, addressed to Ms Bageine of Uganda Christian University, Kasirye through his lawyers of STEK Advocates, accuses Sheena of “reckless and willful calculation of cyber harassment,” libel and defamation among others.

Sheena, using her twitter handle “SheenaSheenzy is being accused of “wedging a defamatory war, by publishing or causing publication of various offensive statements on social media, meant to tarnish Douglas Kasirye’s name and discredit him in society.”

Kasirye says when the social media allegations came out, he tried to reach out to Sheena in a series of messages.

“I write to you to understand why you are propagating all these falsified stories against me. You call me a rapist with absolutely no regard to my repute/name,” went one of the messages.

“Who did I rape exactly? You put up a post which claimed the girl is in rehab, which girl? Which rehab? I have never raped a single soul! Let’s resolve this amicably Sheena.”

To this Sheena allegedly replied; “You have never raped anyone? Or harassed anyone? Do you know how many accusations I have against you in my DM? Calton, I know your predator ways. Don’t come here playing innocent. I have seen you get beaten for harassing a girl.”


The complainant, among others demands that the accused, Ms Sheena, pulls down all the “defamatory publications” made, produce an apology and declaration falsifying all the allegations, monitor and delete any newly published defamatory content among others”

He is also seeking damages to a tune to Shs 2billion “for the harm caused to the complainant’s reputation.”

The law firm handling this issue demands that Sheena meets the outlined demands within 7 days, failure of which will prompt legal proceedings against her.


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