Man Sues Sadolin Over Illegal Use of His Photo

Saddam Hussein has dragged to court Sadolin and Regal Paint companies to court, seeking Shs 350 million in compensation for what he calls illegal use of his photograph in their advertising campaigns.

Through his lawyers, Saddam says he was surprised to hear from his friends that his photo was being used by Sadolin and Regal yet he didn’t have any contract with them.

He says he tried to reach out to the company retail outlets and Hardwares in various parts of the country to find out why this had happened but they instead referred him to the manufacturers.

” The actions of the defendant are illegal, amounts to infringement of the applicant’s constitutional rights, privacy and is also an attack on his personality ” reads part of the plaint.

Sadam therefore wants court to order the paint company to remove his images wherever they have used them, pay him costs for the suit and punitive damages.

The matter is yet to be fixed for hearing

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