Man Sets Self on Fire after Being Rejected by a Woman

Old Kampala Police is investigating an incident in which a man attempted to end his life by setting himself ablaze after he was rejected by a woman he wanted to have a relationship with.

This happened on Wednesday night at around 9 pm in Masanafu zone, Bukulugi in Rubaga division.

Kampala Metropolitan Police has identified the man who attempted suicide by burning as Edgar Kyamanywa, 40, a resident of the said Zone.

Luke Owoyesigire, the deputy KMP spokesperson, has in a statement said that although the man set himself on fire, he was rescued and rushed to the hospital at Kiruddu, but in critical condition.

“Police have kicked off investigations into the matter to ascertain what exactly made him attempt suicide. However, some of his children have intimated that he had promised to burn himself in front of a gate of a woman who had continuously rejected him for a boyfriend,” Owoyesigire said.

He also revealed that this is the second incident of suicide by burning registered this week for reasons connected to rejection in relationships.

Recently, some people have resorted to expressing their displeasure through committing and attempting suicide by burning.

Those who have been rescued have been charged before courts of law.


“We advise all men to remain calm whenever they are in such situations and seek help from experts,” said Owoyesigire.


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