Man Sentenced To 36 Years In Prison For Pouring Acid On Wife

The High Court in Kampala has sentenced a man to 36 years in prison for pouring sulphuric acid on his wife who later succumbed to burns.

While sentencing Kasiim Kakaire, Justice Anthony Ojok Ayuko ruled that he did not waste court’s time since he opted to plead guilty under the plea bargaining arrangement.

The judge observed that Kakaire was the master planner of the acid attack against his wife, Josephine Namanda.

“The master planner was none other than Kakaire and his two co-accused.  I will not give him 80 years. This kind of offence must be discouraged at whatever cost, someone should at least shoot you and die but not leaving you in such pain. The convict is 43 years now. If the co-accused were given 25 years, I find the 40 years appropriate minus the four years on remand leaving the accused to serve 36 years,”

Prosecution contends that Kakaire in November 2014 at Naalya roundabout along the Northern by-pass, he was travelling with his wife Namanda in the same vehicle, (Toyota Starlet registration number UAG 693 K) when two men whom he had hired, pounced from his wife’s side and poured acid on her.

Kakaire had hired the two men at Shs3m to do the work. Following the acid attack, Namanda sustained severe burns and she later died from Mulago hospital. The couple was returning from a function in Jinja

Fortunately, their two-week daughter survived the acid attack despite being in the arms of her mother and she is still alive.

The two hired men, Ivan Namanya and Faluku Walusimbi, pleaded guilty in the early stages of the case and were handed a 25-year sentence since they did not waste court’s time by going through the full trial.


During mitigation process, the prosecution prayed to court that in addition to the sentence, he should refund about Shs34m that he deceitfully got following the acid attack against his wife.

In praying for a harsh sentence, the state prosecutor, Joseph Kyomuhendo said: “ The murder of Namanda was highly pre-mediated and that before the deadly mission was executed, a recording by Kakaire showed him bragging of how he knows the acid various types of acid before looking for the most concentrated type.”

The prosecution also told court that Kakaire had forged a land sale agreement that was in the names of his deceased wife and he had purported to be the owner of their matrimonial house they were living in before mortgaging it in a bank.

Also during mitigation, one of his children, prayed to court to hand her step father a deterrent sentence of 80 years reasoning that he does not deserve only ten years as prayed by the defense since their mother had gone.

“He does not deserve 10 years, mummy is gone. She died and she cannot return and in the recording he said let her die I just want to destroy the beauty with concentrated acid. I pray for 80 years. The youngest sibling is four years. We do not know what he can do after he spends 10 years in prison and returns home, that will not be fair,”


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