Man Denied Church Marriage Over Diocese Wrangles, Opts for Civil Marriage

A Christian of Muganza Church of Uganda who was allegedly denied church marriage by the leadership of the Diocese of Muhabura has opted for civil marriage.

Alex Munezero, 34, and his fiancé Prossy Ntakirutimana   28 were denied a wedding opportunity at Nombe Church of Uganda by the diocese leadership.

He has since opted for civil marriage and will be exchanging vows with his wife on Friday 21st December 2018 before the Kisoro Chief Administrative Officer, at Kisoro district headquarters.

Sources intimated to us that the Diocese refused to wed Munezero on grounds that he was part of a faction that broke away from the Diocese and that he has been   leading Muganza Church of Uganda without consent from the appointing authority.

Munezero, a resident of Busaro village, in Chahi Sub County says the Diocese of Muhabura accused him of preaching at Muganza Church of Uganda which broke away in May 2017 following a case that was filed by the diocese against tycoon Augustus Caesar Mulenga, who had donated 650 iron sheets to Muganza Church.

Munezero says Christians asked him to lead the church after the Diocese withdrew the priest and the lay leader.

He says he was later summoned by the Bishop Cranmer Mugisha who asked him to apologize for preaching without the permission from the Diocese.

He asserts that as an evangelist he kept on preaching in his church since he could not run away.


He says when he wanted a letter to take to Nombe Church of Uganda where he was supposed to wed from, he was denied on grounds that he disobeyed synod resolutions.

‘After pleading to the diocese in vain, I opted for civil marriage after all parents consented to this type of marriage. The Diocese refused to wed us and then our parents agreed that we go to the CAO. You know even after holy matrimony, the church takes the certificate to the CAO’s office,” said Munezero.

Grace, Nyiraruvugo the mother to Munezero Alex said that his son has become a victim of circumstance, wondering why the Church that preaches forgiveness has failed to forgive its Christian.

Wilber Kanyamihigo, the Muganza Church Mission Coordinator told our reporter that Muhabura Diocese asked them to apologize, which they did, but the church still refused to wed him.

Kanyamihigo says they will accompany him to the CAO’s office and thereafter head to Muganza Church of Uganda for prayers.

Our  efforts to reach Muhabura Diocese for a comment remained futile.

Following the skirmishes, the Diocese last week begun building of another church in nearby Busaro village, where Christians allied to the Diocese is expected to be praying from.

The fate of those who continue frequenting to Muganza Church of Uganda remains unknown, since it appears the Diocese will not offer them services like Sacraments, or even appointing church leaders there, and it remains detached from the Diocese.

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