Man Arrested with Fake Dollar Making Materials

Police at the Border post of Malaba have arrested a South Sudanese National identified as Duach Chuoal Kaylech Toang for carrying materials used to make fake Dollars.

The Police and the Customs Authority of Uganda Revenue authority in a message shared on the Social Media revealed that Kaylech was crossing the Malaba border post by bus from Kenya to Uganda.

Authorities at the border post, say they checked all travellers at the border with their luggage as it is the norm.

Luggage are normally scanned using non-intrusive hand scanners.

When they got to Mr. Kaylech’s luggage, the scanner picked up something uncanny, which later prompted the authority at the border post to do a physical inspection of the luggage

They later found bundles of papers, the size of a bill and some liquid among other things in the suspect’s bag.

The border authorities say, on face value, the papers looked normal, but upon application of the liquid[Chemicals] contained in the suspect’s luggage, the papers turned into fake dollars.

The suspect was immediately arrested and Custom border authorities says, he is set to be taken to court.



The Border authorities say Non- Intrusive Inspection[NII] technology is a powerful tool against smuggling that continues to put many smugglers away.

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