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Man Arrested Masquerading as Special Forces Officer

Police’s Professional Standards Unit are detaining Humphrey Semwogerere for conning Busega businessmen of Shs 6 million after promising to link them to Sea Foods Uganda Ltd, viagra approved nurse a fish processing company

The two victims namely Sewajje Kisolo Wamala and Katiko Semakula told police that the accused who presented himself as a police officer and Special Forces officer, see convinced them that he had deep connections in the fish processing company and would help them sell their fish to it if they paid him some money.

Wamala says he was an old time friend with Semwogerere but had spent a long time without meeting him, and when he did last year, he informed him that he was working with the police.

When the conman advanced with a deal in the fish company, Wamala says he paid him Shs 3.6 million but no deal was coming through. Semwogerere instead kept asking him for more money.

“Another friend came and added another 2.5 million to make it 6million which we gave out to him, but it all ended there. We called him and he was not picking yet we feared to inform police since he used to have army attire in his vehicle and being that he told us he was a police officer, we feared to report,” Wamala revealed.

The victim Sewajje Wamala narrating to the press.
The victim Sewajje Wamala narrating to the press.

While being paraded before press after his eventual arrest, Semwogerere denied being in possession of army uniform but describing his attire as ‘Patriotism uniform.’

Kampala Police spokes person Patrick Onyango called upon the public to always report such conmen pretending to be officers from both police and the army.

“Basing on the case file numbers SD Ref/ 40/ 20/02/2015 and SD Ref 32/13/01/2015 from Nateete Police station the accused is going to be taken to court on charges of obtaining money by false pretence,”  Onyango added.



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