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Man Arrested for Wearing Police Uniform to Impound and Rob Motorcycles

A suspected robber, who puts on a police uniform and targets boda boda motorcyclists has been arrested with the help of CCTV cameras.

The suspect, Fauswali Isabirye, has been putting on a police uniform pretending to be a serving officer and carrying out arrests of unsuspecting boda boda riders.

Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) said in a statement on Monday night that Issbirye was carrying out thefts with his colleague Moses Tukesiye.

Both are residents of Palisa District.

It is alleged Isabirye impounds the motorcycles before telling his victims to find him at the nearby police station.

However, he would disappear with their motorcycles and ride them to Pallisa where he has a buyer.

The two suspects stole two motorcycles registration numbers UER 349U and UEV 434V from Old Kampala area , and both incidents were captured on police CCTV cameras.

“After the complaints, his image was put in the CCTV system, which detected him today and alerted our officers in the control room,” said police.

“Our officers on ground were informed and he was arrested.”

He says the colleague Moses Tukesiye is currently hiding in Palisa District .

They confessed to the theft of these motorcycles and  have been selling each motorcycle at  shs 100, 000 to unsuspecting buyers.

He is charged with theft of motorcycles and impersonation.

“The suspect is currently detained at Old Kampala Police station as investigations and possible arrest of his collegue into the matter go on,” said KMP.

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