Malaysia Strengthens Ties With Uganda

The State Minster of Foreign affairs Hon Okello Oryem has called upon Ugandans who travel abroad for jobs to always respect the rules and regulations of the countries they are working to avoid consequences

While receiving the first Ugandan to be appointed a Honorary consulate of Malaysia in Uganda Al Haj Habib Kagimu at the Ministry Headquarters in Uganda, the minster pointed out that most people suffer because they don’t travel using proper channels

“If you are working in a foreign country make sure you have a valid work documents and fulfill terms and conditions since all countries have rules and regulations governing foreigners working in those countries”

The Minster has revealed that Kagimu’s appointment will open up more opportunities Ugandans as well as strengthening the relationship between the two countries

“I congratulate His Excellency Habib Kagimu upon his appointment because it’s not easy for a country to give another nationality a chance to represent them in another country”

On behalf of the Ministry, Oryem promised to extend to the new consulate all the necessary support throughout his course of duty.

“We hope to use this opportunity to have high level visits to Malaysia to learn how Malaysia a country whose economy was far behind ours in the 1960s managed to transform into a prosperous middle income”

In his acceptance Speech Kagimu promised that he is going to attract more Malaysian investors in the country to create more employment in Uganda


For the Ugandans he asked them to tap in the number of opportunities available in Malaysia in various fields like Education, tourism, Engineering and medical field

“A lot of Malaysians are interested in investing in Uganda especially in the oil and gas sector but they have been finding difficulties in operating in this country where they had no embassy that’s why they appointed me” Kagimu

For Ugandans with potential to invest in Malaysia he asked them not to hesitate because it is an easy process which does not involve any bureaucracy and all you need is to follow the required procedures

On those looking for jobs ,he warned Ugandans  girls against falling victims of con men who intend to seduce them with free things before taking them to countries like  Malaysia, Thailand and China for their illegal gains

“Most girls are conned by Nigerians who promise them a monthly salary of 1000 US Dollars while employed in various countries which forces these naive girls not to inform their relatives as they travel through illegal channels”

Kagimu advised Ugandans not to fall for free things because most of the con men who provide free things at first under their criminal gangs deal in Human parts and drugs of which once you’re convicted in those countries you may end up with a death sentence

“I would like to encourage parents to take their children to Malaysia for further studies since they have better courses like in Engineering and Information Technology. Ugandans can go there without a Visa”

He further asked all Ugandans working in foreign countries to always respect the laws in those countries and not to engage in criminal activities if they are to enjoy their stay.

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