Malaria Still a Leading Cause of Deaths in Uganda

Malaria is still one of the leading causes of deaths and illnesses in Uganda with about 16million cases reported per year.

A 2013 research by World Health Organization (WHO) showed that Uganda has the third highest number of deaths from malaria and one of the highest reported malaria transmission rates in the world.

According to Dr Daniel Kyabayinze, viagra approved the Deputy Programs manager National malaria control programs at the ministry of health, cure malaria accounts for 30 percent -50 percent of outpatient visits, 15 percent -20 percent of hospital admissions and end up to 20 percent of all hospital deaths.

“The ministry of health estimates that overall about 16 million cases and about 10,500 deaths are reported per year.”

While addressing a stake holders dialogue on test, treat and track for malaria at hotel African on Thursday, Dr Kyabayinze strongly advised against treating every fever as malaria and advised all medical doctors to test before they administer treatment to patients.

“Early diagnosis, treatment of malaria reduces diseases and prevents deaths. It also contributes to reducing malaria transmission,” he said.

“The Ministry of Health launched a campaign of distributing mosquito nets  to all households in Uganda; more than 60 districts have received them while others are still getting.”

Ensuring universal access to malaria treatment is one of the key strategies of WHO’s global technical strategy for malaria 2016-30 for reducing malaria mortality rates by at least 40 percent come 2030.


“The best available treatment particular for plasmodium falciparum malaria, caused by the most lethal mosquito species that accounts for 99 percent of malaria infections in Uganda is the use of artemisinin in combination with other antimalarial.”

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