Malaria-Free Uganda Board Calls on More Private Entities to Join Campaign

The Malaria Free Uganda Board, a public-private partnership that was established to promote and enhance the national malaria response, together with the Ministry of Health, have called upon more players in the private sector to join the Malaria Free Uganda 2030 Campaign.

The campaign, like its mantra, seeks to have a malaria-free Uganda by the year 2030. The meeting was held yesterday September 23, chaired by the Board chairman Kenneth Mugisha.

Patrick Bitature, a member of the Malaria Free Uganda Board called upon the people in the private sector to join the fight against malaria since it affects every sector, private of government, in the economy.

“The private sector and religious leaders should join the campaign because of the huge burden malaria causes to the populace,” said Bitature.

He also called for increased awareness and sensitization towards sleeping under treated mosquito nets especially for children below 5 years and expectant mothers.

He recommended thus,“We must raise malaria awareness. We should raise resources in terms of time, effort and money and calling for action.”

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr Diana Atwine noted, “The journey to end malaria is a noble one. It calls for everyone’s involvement. We have support from the Head of State and other partners.”

Dr Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam, the World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to Uganda said that although Uganda is among the 11 highly malaria burdened countries in the world, the country has a good political commitment to fight it.


So far, various organisations have joined the Malaria Free Uganda 2030 campaign. These include; Centenary Bank, Simba Group of Companies, Uganda National Oil Company, Uganda Biodiversity Fund, Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL), Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Joint Medical Stores and Uganda Tourism Board.

Kenneth Mugisha, the board chairperson of the Malaria Free Uganda lauded the corporate bodies that have come on board towards a malaria free Uganda.

“We aim to reduce malaria by at least 90% and this requires commitment and dedicating resources to achieve a malaria free Uganda by 2030,” Dr Atwine, the Health Minister, said.


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