Malagon Tribe Petition Parliament after Being Denied ID Registration

Close to 40 members of the Malagon Tribe residing in Kiryandongo and Kigumba regions have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament requesting for Parliament’s intervention to have them considered as citizens of Uganda during the current registration for the national identity cards.

The petition comes after several of the Malagon in Kigumba and Kiryandogo were denied to register as Citizens of Uganda, click ambulance a move which they are opposing.

Led by the LC IV Chairperson for Kigumba County, Jacob Karubanga who is also Malagon by tribe, the residents raised their concern that some of them have lived in those areas even before independence  hence qualify to be citizens of the country according to the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.

“Currently we are a bit confused after being denied to register for national identity cards and we look like are stateless,” Karubanga noted.

The Malagon who also speak a variety of other languages like Runyoro, Luganda and Swahili hope that the Parliament of Uganda will help them as far as the Government recognizing them as citizens is concerned.

Karubanga noted that in the early 1930’s, the tribe made an agreement with the then King of Bunyoro and he gave them pieces of land to live on which they are currently occupying.

Majority of the Malagon are said to originate from Kenya which confused government registration officials and were taken as Kenyan nationals hence denying them registration for Ugandan national identity cards.

In Kiryandongo and Kigumba alone, it’s estimated that there are over 40,000 Malagon residing there although they had not been awarded any special recognition.


Karubanga noted that they are now worried that after missing the national identity card registration exercise in the country , the next step might be chasing them out of Uganda.

In her response, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga assured them that she will forward their petition to the legal committee for more action.


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