MAKERERE TURMOIL: Museveni Unveils Probe Committee

President Museveni has launched a commission of inquiry into Makerere University woes.
The campus was recently closed under a presidential directive following a strike of lecturers and students.
Students’ violent activities left a trail of destruction and shook the capital city’s stability.
In a letter dated November 14 to Makerere Chancellor Dr Ezra Suruma, pills Museveni said the new committee would “review the reports of the old committees, information pills find out what was implemented or not implemented and why, as well as making new recommendations if necessary.”
Below is Museveni’s letter in full:

The Chancellor
Makerere University
The above matter refers.

As you know, the nearly 40 million people of Uganda, are part of the presently 1.25 billion people of Africa. The African people have had alot of problems in the last 2500 years.
Without going into details, the African people have suffered from external invasions, slave trade, colonization and marginalization.
They have also lagged behind in science and technology, yet they were the pioneers of civilization and knowledge (e.g. ancient Egypt).
This is all in spite of sitting atop incredible natural resources in the form of agricultural land, forest resources, fresh water resources, ocean resources, hydro-power potential, minerals, etc.
After valiantly resisting colonialism, assisted by some friendly forces in the world, the Africans started rolling back the phenomenon of colonialism in the 1950s.
Nevertheless, although reasonable gains have been registered, the suffering of the African people continues in a number of places such as Libya, Nigeria, Congo-Kinshasa, Burundi, Somalia, Central African Republic, Mali, etc., in addition to the continued under development of many parts of the continent.
Scholarship, if it is not to be barren (enguumba), should make it its task to illuminate the causes of and the answers to these problems the African people have faced in the last 2500 years in both the social sciences and the natural sciences.
They should, of course, also study the goings on, past and present, in the wider world, but never forgetting to focus on the problems of Africa and its constituent parts.
It is for these reasons that I am setting up a Visitation Committee to conduct an Enquiry into Makerere University. This is not the first time I have set up such a visitation committee.
The new committee will review the reports of the old committees, find out what was implemented or not implemented and why, as well as making new recommendations if necessary.
Therefore, In the Exercise of the Powers vested in the President by Section 26 of the Universities and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 as amended, I have appointed a Visitation Committee of Inquiry into the affairs of the university.
The Committee is comprised of the following:
1.Dr. Abel Rwendeire-Chairperson
2.Lady Justice Keturah Katunguka-Deputy Chairperson
3.Hon. Tim Lwanga-Member
4.Dr. Florence Muranga-Member
5.Dr. Proscovia Namubiru Sentamu-Member
6.Mr. John F. S. Muwanga-Member
7.Dr. Paul Musasizi-Member
8.Dr. Kisoro-Member
9.Eng. Lumu-Member
The Committee will commence work immediately.
Yoweri K. Museveni
Copy to:Rt. Hon. Prime Minister
First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports
Dr. Abel Rwendeire

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